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Cover of RuneQuest (3rd edition)

RuneQuest is one of the oldest table-top roleplaying games, with editions appearing in 1978 (The Chaosium), 1979 (Chaosium), 1984 (Avalon Hill/Chaosium) and an unpublished RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha (c1994). In 1998 another, completely redesigned game was planned to be published under the RuneQuest name (Avalon Hill), but has since been released as RuneSlayer. In 2006 another edition, in the tradition of the first three, was published (Mongoose).

RPG Review hosts a RuneQuest list which has existed for many years prior as the runequest-rules list. We also keep an archive of previous mailing lists dating back over twenty years of other RuneQuest lists.

Also, we all host a copy of the Michael O'Brien Glorantha/RuneQuest pages, which are now offline and were last updated in 2000.

Another contribution is Tim Rice's An integer programming approach to RuneQuest 3e training calculations. This paper is licensed CC BY-SA-ND-NC.

Recently we have adopted the archives and resources pages from the RuneQuest3 Yahoo! group mailing list, which has since been put into archive mode.

The following are the RuneQuest mailing lists over the years.

Cover of RuneQuest (3rd edition)

RuneQuest Rules at RPG Review (2008 to present)
Yahoo! Groups RQ3 Mailing List (2006 to 2016)
Crashbox RuneQuest Rules (2001-2008)
Imagic volume 1 (RuneQuest Rules 1998 - 2001)
Imagic volume 2 (RuneQuest Rules 1998 - 2001
Imagic volume 3 (RuneQuest Rules 1998 - 2001
Imagic volume 4 (RuneQuest Rules 1998 - 2001
RQ-Rules Wharton List Authors (1994-1996)
RQ-Rules Wharton List Contents (1994-1996)
RQ-Rules Wharton List Topics (1994-1996)
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9402
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9401
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9312
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9311
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9310
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9309
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9308
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9307
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9306
RQ4 Adventures in Glorantha: 9305
rq-dailies (HL) Contents (1993)
rq-dailies (HL) Authors (1993)
rq-dailies (HL) Topics (1993)
rq-dailies (Bell) Index (1987-1994)
rq-dailies (Bell) Contents (1987-1994)
rq-dailies (Bell) Authors (1987-1994)
rq-dailies (Bell) Discussion (1987-1994)
rq-dailies (Bell) Topics (1987-1994)

The following are story logs for RuneQuest campaigns:

RuneQuest 4 (Mongoose RQ) playtesting, from 2005 to 2006.
Lev Lafayette's Prax game, from 2008 to 2011.
Andrew McPherson's Questworld, from 2017 and continuing.