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The RPG Review Cooperative, Inc., is an incorporated association with the following purposes:

  • To promote and advocate the use simulation and roleplaying games.
  • To design, develop, and distribute simulation and roleplaying games by members.
  • To publish periodicals, manuals, books, websites etc related to simulation and roleplaying games.
  • To engage in activities, including generating income and expenditure, to further these aims.

Forty-First Issue: Solo Gaming

The forty first issue of RPG Review has been released. Either download the PDF or read online.

This is a Solo Gaming issue with articles on Tunnels & Trolls, Fighting Fantasy, HeartQuest, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, a Papers & Paychecks solo scenario and more.

Inaugural Greg Stafford Memorial Award

At the close of RQ Con Down Under III this weekend, we were delighted to present Lev Lafayette with the inaugural Greg Stafford Memorial Award for Gloranthan Fandom.

This is a new award, established in memory of Greg Stafford and with the blessing of his family, that Chaosium will occasionally and irregularly give out to recognise a *significant* and *exceptional* contribution to Gloranthan Fandom in a current year.

Fortieth Issue: RuneQuest and Glorantha Con Down Under III

The fortieth issue of RPG Review has been released. Either download the PDF or read online.

This is our 10th anniversary issue and is a special for RuneQuest Glorantha Con III. Print copies are also available for $10 are available, plus postage. Contact info@rpgreview.net for postage and payment details.

Diversity Survey

The survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete. This survey is a tool with a specific purpose. It is not intended to be a comprehensive survey of every minority group.

We want to find out if the composition of the membership reflects that of the Australian population. If a group is under-represented then we intend to initiate programs to introduce these people to the hobby and recruit them to the cooperative.
It is likely that the small number of survey responders will not match the Australian population’s composition down to the smallest percentile. Our small committee cannot devote our limited time and resources to targeting very small groups. Therefore where a group makes up at least 20% of the Australian population it appears here. This unfortunately means that minority groups you might expect to see listed are represented only by ‘Other’ categories and your optional written responses.

Our targets rounded to nearest 10% are given in parentheses.

Are you a member of the RPG Review Cooperative? If you aren’t a member we would still like to hear your answers.

What is your age range?

I was born in the following country:

If "other" optionally specify

I identify my ancestry as…

If "other ancestry" optionally specify

Where were your parents born?

If "other or unknown" optionally specify

Language spoken at home

If "other language" optionally specify

I live in

If "elsewhere" optionally specify

I live in

I live in the following state or territory

If "other" optionally specify

I identify with the following religion:

If "other" optionally specify

I identify as…

If "other" optionally specify

What is the net value of your household? If you added up the value of everything your household owns and all your money (savings, super, etc.) then subtract your debts (e.g. mortgage, loans, etc.) this is your net worth. Take your best estimate as to which of the following categories you belong to.

Thirty Ninth Issue: The Far East June 2018

The thirty ninth issue of RPG Review has been released. Either download the PDF or read online.

RuneQuest Con Down Under III

Tickets are now on sale for RQ Con Down Under III!

$120, all inclusive. (Nota bene: $60 day/evening tickets are available as well!). Payment: Direct Deposit preferred (Lev Lafayette, BSB 06 6107 Account 00699381). Paypal if necessary to info@rpgreview.net

"Too late!", she cried. "Tickets are now closed. See you next time!"

Sunday, November 11, 9.30am to late, Kryal Castle, 121 Forbes Rd, Leigh Creek, Victoria. We will have a bus service to and from Ballarat station.

Community Announcement Regarding MyHealthRecord

"Congratulations Australian resident! You have tickets to the latest Fiasco LARP: 'Government IT Project!'

If you don't know already My Health Record is a national initiative to centralise your medical records onto one easily accessible database - unless you opt out. If you want more information about this please go to:


Far be it for us to tell you what to do with your data but if you wish to opt out of this you may do so by going to the same site. You have until 15th October 2018.

Thirty Eighth Issue: The Great Space Operas March 2018

The thirty eighth issue of RPG Review has been released. Either download the PDF or read online.

Thirty Seventh Issue: Gods, Religion, World Design December 2017

The thirty seventh issue of RPG Review has been released. Either download the PDF or read online.

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