If you're not a member of the association please consider joining up.

For a mere $10 per annum, you get to participate in this amazing cooperative venture, vote on its activities, and make use of its services.

For $100 you get to be a member for life (and this organisation has proven itself to be ongoing!)

We have a link on our website to pay electronically by Paypal (it's a 'donate' button, please add in the description that it is for membership).

Membership Services

Apart from being a confederation of gaming groups and their sessions, hosting conventions, and taking on the publication of the ISSN-registered RPG Review webzine, the Cooperative also offers some membership services.
These include:

* An RPG Library now with close to 900 items and growing. Did you notice if that if you borrow just one or two items per annum you've made the value a life membership fee?

The list of library items is at the following URL:

* Facebook groups, including Papers & Paychecks (, Gulliver's Trading Company (, and the amazing (thank you Edward Jones), Australian RPG & Dice Buy, Sell or Showoff

* Mailing lists for individuals running various campaigns. We also host mailing lists for specific games including the world's only list for Swordbearer ( and the longest-running RuneQuest mailing list (, dating from 1987!

* Discounted ISBNs for publications by memberships and playtesting. Four publications have already been assigned (Papers & Paychecks ISBN 978-0-9946388-0-9, Cow-Orkers in the Scary Devil Monastery ISBN 978-0-9946388-1-6, The Tinker's Toolkit. D&D 5th Edition Race Design ISBN 978-0-9946388-2-3, and Jermlaine. A Tiny PC Race For Tier Two And Above 978-0-9946388-8-5. Could your book be next?! Current plans include Gulliver's Trading Company, Spirit and Sword (a new edition of Swordbearer), and The Eclipse Phase Companion.

* Our Github account provides a version control system of software products and gaming notes, and includes a dice program, a D&D3.5 combat simulator, and much more. (

* The RPG Review Store, where rare and interesting items are sold by members of the Cooperative to the public. Only members of the Cooperative may sell items here. But anyone can buy games that are listed here!

* Member discounts at RPG Reliquary

Pretty good for $10 per year! Even better at $100 for life membership!