Becoming a member of the RPG Review Cooperative is easy!

1. Firstly, make sure that you want to be a member. The objectives and constitution of the association, as described on our "About" page. Also ensure that you have read our Code of Conduct.

2. Secondly, send a request for membership to our Secretary, currently Andrew Daborn (andrewdaborn AT along with payment for either (a) an annual fee at $10 or (b) life membership at $100. The payment can be made as a Paypal donation, or by direct deposit to our bank account (contact Secretary for details).

3. After your application has been received the committee will process your membership. Unofficially this is done right away. Officially we formally accept members at our monthly meeting. If for some reason the committee rejects your application for membership you will, of course, be reimbursed your application fee.

Membership brings benefits. It provides access to a network of numerous enjoyable RPG-related social occasions, along with knowing that you have contributed to our public activities (such as the quarterly 64-page RPG Review Journal), events like RuneQuest-Glorantha Con Down Under, our annual Fruit Bat Picnic, and so forth.

In addition membership provides access to our rather extensive RPG library (surely worth the cost of membership alone), the opportunity to sell on our online and convention store, and, for writers, discounted ISBNs. This is, of course, in addition to being able to vote on the policy, direction, and committee of the association, as determined by the Act for Incorporated Associations.

Don't delay, sign up now!