Second Hand Store

This is the page for the RPG Review Second-Hand store where rare and interesting items are sold by members of the Cooperative to the public.

This is a member service, and only members of the Cooperative may sell items here.

Items are organised according to the publisher in spreadsheet-friendly CSV (comma-separated values). List order in quantity of items.

Prices are set by members. Does not include postage.

Contact the Cooperative (lev AT rpgreview DOT net) if you find something you like.

Last update, February 21, 2021

Steve Jackson Games. Includes GURPS, Transhuman Space, Munchkin, In Nomine, Toon

White Wolf. Includes Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, Demon.

Iron Crown Enterprises. Includes Rolemaster, Spacemaster, Middle-Earth Role Playing (MERP), Shadow World, HARP.

Hero Games. Includes Hero System, Champions, etc.

FASA. Includes Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Star Trek, Battletech, Vor, Traveller etc.

Alderac Entertainment Group. Includes 7th Sea, Legend of the Five Rings, d20, etc.

Palladium Books. Includes Robotech, Rifts, Palladium RPG etc.

Fantasy Games Unlimited. Includes Chivalry & Sorcery, Space Opera, Aftermath!, Villians & Vigilantes, Bushido, Privateers & Gentlemen, Daredevils, etc. Mostly all sold now, reduced list

Leading Edge. Includes Phoenix Command, Living Steel, Aliens, Terminator 2.