RuneQuest 3 Resources

Cover of RuneQuest (3rd edition)


Dealing with Demons article series from White Dwarf #44-48
Dealing with the Otherworld article from White Dwarf #92
Zipped copies of the Demon PDFs

Mummiescreated by Necronea
Mummy-creating giant spiders

The Bunyip.
The Marsupial Lion (Thylacoleo carnifex)
Demon Duck of Doom. Paleontologists do have a sense of humour!
The dreaded Drop Bear
Megalania. Ancient Australian Giant Lizard

The loathsome Brain Sucker
Chaos Slug. Immense, very chaotic slugs
Jungle Crab. A giant jungle dwelling chameleon like crab
Kishi, a two faced Chaos horror
Eye Spider. Magic using giant spiders with a nasty bite.
The giant Killer Penguin
Molgerium. A bizarre subterranean tunnelling beast
Stymphalian. Dangerous birds from Classical Mythology
The Will o' the Wisp

Mantikhoras. Ken Murphy's mantikhoras and lamia stats
Elementals. Ken Murphy's Elemental's document

Rules and Expansions
A SIzable Problem
Size Table
Dodge Rules
Encumbrance Free
Progressive Characteristic Rolls

Spirit Magic Favourite Spells
Striker Weapons
Technical Expansion System

Dave Cake Sorcery Rules (and in RTF.
Sandy Petersen sorcery files

Sheets etc
RQIII Character Generator
RQIII Character Sheet
RQIII Squad Sheet