Swordbearer is a fantasy role-playing game. It was originally published by Heritage Games in 1982, and then republished by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1985. The game was written by B. Dennis Sustare with contributions from Arnold Hendrick

The game came with a simple percentile skill resolution system, a realistic and colourful combat system, an extremely evocative magic system based around pure elemental essences and psychic spirit humours and useful GM advice.

Swordbearer is well recognised as a 'hidden gem' in the history of role playing games despite a lack of commercial success.

This site hosts the only known mailing list for Swordbearer.

Swordbearer mailing list
Perilous Lands - Swordbearer. A PBeM, originally with the Powers & Perils rules, now using Swordbearer.

Swordbearer Character Generation Summary
Character Sheet Page One (from the FGU boxed set)
Character Sheet Page Two

GMs Screen Page One (from the FGU boxed set)
GMs Screen Page Two
GMs Screen Page Three
GMs Screen Page Four
GMs Screen Page Five
GMs Screen Page Six

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