From Swordbearing Bunnies of Olympus...

As a longtime game designer and player, I'm happy to see the inauguration of RPG Review, and I look forward to your coverage of the still vibrant and expanding world of role-playing games. Best of luck in your new venture.

B. Dennis Sustare
Austin, Texas, USA

... To Runic Feng Shui HeroQuesters

Best of luck to Lev and company as they embark on their webzine journey. In namechecking Different Worlds and Interactive Fantasy as among their inspirations, they've set a high bar for themselves -- one I look forward to seeing them leap over.

Robin D. Laws
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

With the Art of Dungeons Ever Over The Edge

Lev & Company:

Good luck on your worthy endeavor. As an old-time gamer with a scad of Different Worlds and the complete run of Interactive Fantasy in my basement office, I'm heartened to see someone picking up the banner and carrying it forward.

Jonathan Tweet
Seattle, Washington, United States

Here's A Good Tip!

I just got a peek at the table of contents of the first issue of the RPG Review zine, and it looks like a winner! I have known Lev for several years virtually, through RoleplayingTips.com, and RPG Review should be a great new addition to the RPG community. I just subscribed via the online form and can't wait for my first issue. Best of luck to you and your team, Lev.

Johnn Four
Edmonton, Canada

The Shaman Speaketh...

Dear Lev,

Great to read that you guy are starting a new game magazine! We need more of this, and I'm glad you guys have risen to the occasion. I want to extend my wishes for scads of good luck, contributors and success on the venture.

Greg Stafford
President, Issaries Inc.
Arcata, California, USA

From the Mentor 'Zine: And We Did So!

Dear Lev

Greetings from San Francisco!

Good luck with your online magazine. Gigi has been asked before to write for other periodicals, but has always declined. She says she only wants to write to Dear Tadashi. You will have to find Gigi D'Arn Jr. yourself.

I look forward to magazine.

Happy gaming!

Tadashi Ehara
Different Worlds Publications