RuneQuest 3 Resources

A Runequest list has been hosted on the domain since 2008. This list is the direct successor to prior Runequest lists that date back from the 1980s including the following: Andrew Bell's RuneQuest dailies, 1987-1994, Henk Langeveld's RuneQuest dailies 1993, the RuneQuest 4 Adventures in Glorantha playtesting 1993, Loren Miller's RuneQuest rules list 1994-1996, the Rob Miracle Imagic list RuneQuest rules list of 1998-2001, and the Crashbox RuneQuest rules list of 2001-2008.

Recently our editor was asked (and volunteered) to take up the archives for the Yahoo! groups RuneQuest 3 discussion group from Nick Middleton. This list had run for almost nine years. Individually copying the horrible Yahoo! format into individual files and then running a script over it resulted with something legible in most cases. That list has been put into archive mode and the membership merged with the runequest list.

It's all at the following URL: