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Arcanacon Photos Website

(Damien Moore)

For some vague amusement, photos taken at arcanacon are available at
(Unlike Django's photos from _last_ arc :-)

Epic Roleplaying Game Available Online

Visit the EPIC RPG homepage and get a free copy of the limited edition rules at:

Frontiers Roleplaying System

(Justin Fitzgerald)

Today, I'm announcing the best test release of the Frontier'sRoleplaying system. I'll be releasing it full-scale, hopefully in hardback in the near future.

Basically, consider a future, where time travel has been discovered, magic re-discovered, and that however hold the most technology rules all. Consider the thousands of races in the universe, and the new nation, known only as the Syndicate, that has enslaved the entire galaxy.

They have allowed a select few the abilities they have, the abilities to fold time and space, and go wherever they want. These people are the jumpers.

Needless to say, this is a pretty brief statement of my new game, but it should give you an idea of what's going on. I've set up to system so anyone can make anything, and time. Somewhat like Gurps does, but my system is actually cool compared anyway.

Anyway, to playtest my new game requires a small registration fee of $50. I suppose this sounds like another scam, but it's not. The reason I'm charging this fee, is I'm in the middle of putting up all sorts of stuff, which only playtesters will have access to, such as the new FrontierWeb. (coming soon)

If you'd like to be part of this, you will recieve a printed copy of the current rulebook, as well as the opportunity to have your comments, and new races placed directly into the new book! I will definitely be incredibly receptive of all of your comments, because that's what this is all about.

If you would like to please send check or money order to:
Justin Fitzgerald
304 1/2 W. 7th St.
Maryville, MO 64468

And if you have any more questions, please contact me at

Also, I have a friend who plays that might like receiving email too,

The Mitsushi Home Page for RPGs


This is the HP of The RPGs ,you can find all about your favourite rpg, and you can also help us in making a rpg on line, using the materil that you will send to us. You can also find the HP of Story Telling 20, the rpg created by Mitsuhashi, Anderson and Vegeta.

Come and visit us at

Shadow Bindings RPG

(Joseph Teller)

The Shadow Bindings RPG main mechanics have been completed and are available
online and for downloading at the Fantasy Realms Journal ( This is a new free-to-use game system and we are interested in comments, suggestions and feedback on them.

Conspiracy X Releases Cryptzoology

(Eden StudioÕs)

Cryptozoology for Conspiracy X has shipped to distributors last week nd should be in stores.Anyone unable to get there hands on a copy can e-mail us for information on ordering the latest Conspiracy X products.

Also, The Aegis Handbook has been released. Also available from Eden Studios are Conspiracy X t-shirts.

Customer Service (518) 435-1128

BTRC Releases Spreadsheet for Gun! Guns! Guns!

(Greg Porter)

The upgraded v1.1 spreadsheet for 3G3 is now available from Hyperbooks Online. It is in Excel 5.0 format. Excel 5.0 is available for both Mac and IBM machines, and is part of the Microsoft Office package.

The current version of the 3G3 sheet has on-line help, less bugs ;), a cleaner interface and can import data from other design sheets. So, for instance you can import your ammo parameters into the gun design page, or import your gun into the global conversions page. Speaking of which, we now have a Fuzion license so that system has been added.

As thanks to those who bought the previous versions, BTRC will email (on request) the v1.1 to anyone on our list of Hyperbooks customers who bought a v1.0x.

On related news, the version 1.1 .pdf of the 3G3 rules is now available. The only major change is the addition of Fuzion to the conversions and Universal Damage Chart. We hope to have an independent .pdf of the Fuzion conversion available on the web site in a week or so.

Anyone who wants to do an on-line review of this or our other on-line products, feel free to do so, but please send us a copy so we can link or put it on our web site.

Bushido to be re-released?

(A rumour from Mark at Goldrush Games) & USAGI YOJIMBO!

I've spoken with Paul Hume at length about Bushido (and at one time about revising the game ) and I can comment on that. You see, back when Bushido was written and laid out there were no real "desktop publishing" programs. The pages were typed up on an *old* computer and pasted up on boards. Once set, there was no effective way to change them (thus the erratas that appears on the inside cover of book II).

Mark @ GRG

PS: Watch for the USAGI YOJIMBO Role-Playing Game. Based on the hit comic by Stan Sakai. Original cover by Stan Sakai and Tom Luth! August '97 | Gold Rush Games POB 2531 Elk Grove CA 95759; 916-684-9443;

Independent Role Playing Gamer's League

(Michael John Weaver)

The IRPGL is a not for profit organization dedicated to three mainobjectives.

1. Increase the diversity of RPGs offered at conventions
2. Increase the participation of women and minorities in role playing
3. Helping gamers find one another via our contact list

Membership is FREE. To join see our membership form via our link from

Reality Simulations

(Sue Solberg)

For anyone interested in Play-by-Mail games, Reality Simulations Inc. (on of the world's largest pbm companies) now has a branch in Australia. We're offering three of our games in Oz: Duelmasters, ancient gladiatorial combat; Forgotten Realms (R), realm conquest in the Savage Frontier; and Hyborian War, imperial conquest in the age of Conan the Barbarian.

For more information on-line check out:

Or e-mail me at:

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

(Mark C Mackinnon)

Guardians Of Order Announces A New Japanese Anime Role-Playing Game

Guardians Of Order announced today that its latest product, "Big Eyes, Small Mouth -- A Universal Japanese Anime Role-Playing Game", has premiered at August 7th, 1997 at North America's largest gaming convention, GenCon (Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

"This is an exciting moment for us," commented Guardians Of Order President Mark MacKinnon. "We believe that Big Eyes, Small Mouth fills a void in the anime role-playing market, since most current releases are grounded in mecha-style anime. We wanted to offer something different -- a universal game that could accommodate all genres of anime, with a heavy emphasis on role-playing. I think we accomplished our goal."

"Big Eyes, Small Mouth" is inspired by the dynamic characters and stories found in all genres of Japanese animation. The flexibility of the rules allows Game Masters to design adventures for nearly any setting or time period. Character creation can take less than ten minutes, and is extensive enough to offer characters magic, psionics, battle mechs, acrobatics, enhanced combat skills and unique artifacts. The game also features amazing artwork by talented fan artists, easy-to-follow flowcharts, a quick and elegant combat system, game "seeds" to assist Game Masters develop adventures, as well as a comprehensive glossary, bibliography and index.

"Our playtesters really appreciated the speed and smoothness of the game mechanics," added Vice-President Karen McLarney. "Dice rolling is kept to a minimum, which really puts players in the role-playing spotlight."

"Big Eyes, Small Mouth" (ISBN 0-9682431-0-X) is written by Mark C. MacKinnon.

Available from Guardians Of Order (Product Number 02-001). The retail price is $13.95 US ($15.95 CAN). For more information, contact Guardians Of Order at or at the address below. The Guardians Of

Guardians Of Order
c/o Mark C. MacKinnon
176 Janefield Ave, Unit #300
Guelph, Ontario