Australian Roleplaying Conventions by Peter Lees

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First run in - 1986 at International Grammar School,Redfern, Sydney. Next scheduled to be run from 10 Apr 1998 to 13 Apr 1998 at University of New South Wales, Kensigton.

Contact, Mr. Aleksander Yap

More information available at SydCon is a joint venture between SUtekh (Sydney Uni) and ClubSmed PRIME (UNSW Gamers) In 1998 there will be over 30 games run at Sydcon 1998. It looks set to be the biggest in it's history. Sydcon was not run in 1997 due to organisational difficulties. In the past it was very well organised, and attracted a large number of high-quality games.


Next scheduled to be run from 24 Apr 1998 to 27 Apr 1998 at Hotel Grand Chancellor, PERTH.
Contact; (Kita Coles)
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Swancon 23 is the 23rd annual West Australian SF convention. It runs from Friday 24th April to Monday 27th April 1998. It is held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor (Hotel Formally Known as The Orchard). The Guest of Honour is Lois McMaster Bujold, Fan Guest is Gina Goddard and the Local Guest is Tess Williams. Cost is $65 til 31/12/1997, $70 til 31/3/1997.

SwanCon 23 will have a gaming stream running in conjuction with a panel, video and social stream.


First run in - 1985. Last run in May 1997 at University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Next scheduled to be run from 02 May 1998 to 04 May 1998 at University of Queensland, BRISBANE. (Mr John Collins)on (07) 3267 7488

83 Gold Street
Mr Travis Hall on (07) 3397 5118
57 Ferol St

More information available at

It's on again! Entry forms are currently available for BrisCon 98. If you haven't seen one, and you want to, contact Travis and he'll add you to the mailing list.

BrisCon, as always, will be running on the Labour Day long weekend, this year the 2nd to the 4th of May (plus a registration night on the 1st of May). We've got more events than ever before in the history of BrisCon, for more fun for everyone, and the organisers are working hard to bring you the convention you want.
As always, we are looking for willing helpers (who will get a discount), including Gms.

While submissions are always welcome, you're too late for 1998. Still, contact us and we'll put your submissions away for 1999.

So, see you at BrisCon, Queensland's Premier Gaming Event.


First run in May 1998 at Moreton TAFE College ,1030 Cavendish Road, Mt.Gravatt
Next scheduled to be run from 02 May 1998 to 04 May 1998 at Moreton TAFE College ,1030 Cavendish Road , Mt.Gravatt
Contact (Mr Michael Stamp) on 07 3982 5326

GPO Box 2148

A new convention will begin in Brisbane in 1998. The event is Maelstrom 98 and will feature a diverse group of traditional and contemporary gaming interests, including Chess, Go, Monopoly, Bridge, AD&D,Warhammer, Magic, Battletech, Shogun and Robo-Rally.


First run in - 1987
Next scheduled to be run from 06 Jun 1998 to 08 Jun 1998 at University of NSW, Kensington.
(Mr Michael Corbin) on 02 9637 4710

Mr Tony Fahd on 02 9740 6013
18 Dunlop St

SAGA is a roleplaying and miniatures convention run every year on the JUNE long weekend. It has been run by the Spartan Association since 1987.

The Sydney Adventure Gaming Awards has been run for many years, and is often a good place to find more "traditional" role-playing competitions. Miniatures competitions are also still run


First run in Sep 1983 at Melbourne University, MELBOURNE.
Last run in Jul 1997 at Collingwood College, Collingwood.
Next scheduled to be run from 04 Jul 1998 to 06 Jul 1998 , MELBOURNE.

Contact Arcanacon XV
PO Box 125

(Melissa and Fraser)
PO Box 125
Parkville VIC
More information available at

Arcanacon is Victoria's longest-running Roleplaying convention. Since I've never been, I don't know much about it, so it's difficult to comment.


First run in Jul 1998 at Newtown School of Performing Arts,King Street, Newtown.
Next scheduled to be run from 10 Jul 1998 to 12 Jul 1998 at Newtown School of Performing Arts,King Street, Newtown.

(Mr Andrew Sinclair)
Scarab Productions
PO Box K14

(Mr Mark Barnes)
Scarab Productions
PO Box K14
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Conclave is representative of all sub-cultures of gaming. We host role playing tournament, card games tournaments, computer games tournaments and board game tournaments.

Our philosophy is to provide value for money to our players, since players are consumers. Our convention is fully sponsored, and every winner team receives trophies and prizes. We have the games manufacturers - and others - to thank for their levels of support. Just because we are not being paid for our efforts, it does not mean we shouldn't act professionally!

We are the first - and only - convention in Australia to offer a best team of the convention award, with more prestige style awards to follow. It is our aim to innovate - not imitate.

Conclave - challenging convention.


First run in Jul 1998 at Illawarra Senior College, Port Kembla.
Next scheduled to be run from 17 Jul 1998 to 19 Jul 1998 at Illawarra Senior College, Port Kembla
(Ms Trish Arnts) on (02) 4227-2026

PO Box U18
WOLLONGONG UNI (Mr Peter Waegele)
Illawarra Games Society Inc.
PO Box U18

We are looking for game writers, designers, for ANYTHING!! We will see you at any of the NSW conventions (Melbourne is sucfh a long way away from where we are), but we will try to get there.We will offer you (the writer, designer, lunatic) anything we can to help you. Food discounts, mugs etc are part of the bribes, we aim to please. Gongcon has seen the problems that the other cons have had and we have 7 lunatics with too much time on their hands to nip any problems in the bud, before they arrive. Come and support our FIRST convention. We need to better the image of Wollongong, due to previous conventions ran in this region (though I hear that their first cons quite alright!!

CONTACT US ASAP, between 6pm and 12AM nightly.
NOTE: We have NOT in ANY way, shape or form ever been part of ICON and nor will we ever be!


First run in - 1989 at Sydney University, SYDNEY.
Last run in Oct 1997 at Newtown High Scool of the Performing Arts, NEWTOWN
Next scheduled to be run from 09 Oct 1998 to 12 Oct 1998 at , NEWTOWN.

(Andrew Devitt)
56 Audley St
Petersham NSW

More information available at
Necronomicon has gained a reputation for exploring the artistic and avante garde side of roleplaying, but also caters well to those wishing to play more traditional games.

Having said that, more and more "traditional" games are also being offered, possibly in line with the growing numbers of people attracted to the con.


First run in Dec 1984 at Macquarie University, North Ryde
Last run in Dec 1997 at Macquarie University, NORTH RYDE.
Next scheduled to be run in Dec 1998 at Macquarie University, NORTH RYDE

Macquarie University Roleplaying Society
Students' Council
Macquarie University

More information available at

Macquariecon has run for several years, with a reasonably good venue and usually competant organization. There is usually a large range of games with a variety of subjects and styles catered for.