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by Wu Mingshi

Hosei bo Mr. Lev,

Surpise me not, see you late again, lah? Like the sound of deadlines flying past? *whoosh* *whoosh* go they? You know I give you sayang.. Every issue, Mr. Lev write to me, “Oh Mingshi you can have a few more days, I haven't quite finished writing everything yet”. You ever on time, I will run on Orchard Road and scream “What the fish?! What the fish?!”

New report from Internal Correspondence explain Top Five games for what they say Summer 2014. Very hemiscentric, Minshi say (like you my new word?) Always summer here, just dry summer and wet summer. I think mean they May-June-July 2014, lah? Number 1 is still Pathfinder, Number 2 is now Dungeons & Dragons, Number 3 now Star Wars, drop 1 place, Number 4 Shadowrun, drop one place, Number 5 Dark Heresy back in again. Fata and Numenara no longer in top 5 this quartering. Mingshi say pay attention to Dungeons & Dragons. It have two release but Pathfinder still number 1. Mingshi thin this very strange, maybe D&D take top place in autumn (OK, ma si sa ko). Paizo Publishing not giving up with new edition, lah? Already plan for new setting guide for Andoran and Pathfinder Pawns: Iron Gods Adventure Path Pawn Collection and six month Iron Gods Adventure Path organized play campaign which runs August through January. Meanwhile, Dungeons and Dragons: The Rise of Tiamat will come out at the end of October. Tiamat? This not low-level adventure!

Very exciting to hear new version of Paranoia come next year because Kickstarter will raise lots of red envelopes. New game written by clever team with Eric Goldberg, Greg Costikyan, Grant Howitt and Paul Dean. Still have communists, but new trouble are terrorists who cause all kachau everywhere in Alpha Complex home. Sometime I think my home like big Alpha Complex. Special street, special pass, computer watch everywhere, computer say "I am friend". Sometime Minshi think she troubleshooter mutant traitor.

Not RPG but interesting to watch, Wizards of the Coast sue Cryptozoic Entertainment and Hex Entertainment over Hex: Shards of Fate. Wizards say Hex infringes copyrights, patents, and trade dress of WotC Mage The Gathering products. Cryptozoic have $2.3 million Kickstarter to fund Hex. Mingshi not so close to card game but remember Cryptozoic do World of Warcraft card game, and just short time ago World of Warcraft card game finish. Maybe Wizards stay top with cabut?

That's all for me this quartering!

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