This is an unusual issue of RPG Review, insofar that it has substantially less articles that other editions and, respectively, several of the articles are particularly long. My own major piece in this issue, A History of Dungeons & Dragons, covering the history of the various companies and reviewing every edition up to fourth inclusive, is over 10,000 words long its own right. I am almost tempted to keep going, add proper literary analysis and submit it as a Master's degree in fine arts criticism. In addition to this there are the two articles by Karl Brown, in reviewing and elaborating the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, are also of a similar size. The issue also will conclude with three regular contributors providing their own RPGaDay answers, which initially ran in August.

We are very lucky to have one of the great critics of RPGs, Dr. Lew Pulsipher are our interview subject for this issue. From the early days of White Dwarf through to leading contemporary game design, Lew has been an attentive and thoughtful contributor to the hobby and to D&D in particular. It is also very pleasing to have Nicholas Moll, a relatively local (to fellow Melbourne gamers and writers) providing his own contribution on the future of D&D 4th edition especially in the context of the release of this new edition. Da' vane provides an interesting retrospective on the dungeon crawl, and regulars Andrew Moshos and Mingshi provide their film reviews and industry news respectively.

In the interests of brevity, given the frightening shortage of space in this issue, I'll leave it at that. The issue has a straightforward consideration. Alas, it does mean I have to leave it to next issue for my rant about diveristy and especially sexism in gaming given some recent events. But that will have stay all bottled up until then. Until then, enjoy the adventure...

Lev Lafayette (lev@rpgreview.net)