Writer's Guidelines

1. RPG Review is a quarterly journal for roleplaying games, concentrating on the traditional "pen-paper-dice" variety. A PDF edition is published in late September, December, March, and June.

2. RPG Review accepts written and artistic submissions from interested writers. The author of published articles retain full copyright under whatever license they wish to use to the material they provide but grants RPG Review republishing rights.

3. RPG Review tries to strike a balance between many competing trends in gaming. We like theoretical, but we also like practical. We like mainstream, but we also like independent. We like cutting-edge, but we also like retrospectives. You see the problem. Don't be surprised or upset if we've had to defer your article for a later issue.

4. We prefer written submissions in Open Document Format (ODF), plain-text, simple html markup, or restructuredtext. Please do not send MS-Word documents and PDFs etc. Please use endnotes rather than footnotes.

5. Contact us before spending all the time writing or drawing. Explain, in a rough form, your idea for an article or artwork.

6. Density of information is important, both in the written and artistic sense. Keep your articles short, interesting, and enjoyable. Stay on focus and avoid passive constructions.

7. Please do as much editing as you possibly can. This is a volunteer outfit. We make a passing attempt at checking spelling, grammar etc, but in all honesty it's mostly up to you. Get a (critical) friend to read over your work.

8. Simple template rules for articles as follows: 20 point bold, centred, sans-serif font (e.g., Arial) for title, 12 point bold, centered, italicised, serif font (e.g., Times New Roman) for author name, 12 point bold, left justified, serif font (e.g., Times New Roman) for content headings, 10 point bold, left justified, serif font (e.g., Times New Roman) for body.