This page will provide various resources for various rpg games.


This first contribution is from Scott Levy who has provided a collection of hex maps. Originally posted to the Bushido mailing list.

There are seven maps in total including:

Level 0 : 8 Mile Hexes
Level 1 : 1 Mile and 8 Mile Hexes
Level 2 : 440 yrd, 1 Mile and 8 Mile Hexes
Level 3 : 110 yrd, 440 yrd and 1 Mile Hexes
Level 4 : 10 yrd, 110 yrd and 440 yrd Hexes
Level 5 : 1 yrd and 10 yrd Hexes
Level 6 : 1 ft, 1 yrd and 10 yrd Hexes

Call of Cthulhu

Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere's classic scenario "I Want You To Kill The Ice Cream Man". Perfect as an introductory story and/or one-off scenario.


Kieran Turley provided this excellent Historical Folks sourcebook which was planned as supplement. Originally sourced from the Dragon Warriors mailing list.

Land of the Rising Sun

Lee Gold has kindly provided errata sheets for Land of the Rising Sun, a medieval-fantasy based in Japan.


Mimesis was an ill-fated attempt an an Australian roleplaying magazine in the mid-1990s. One print issue was released and a second online issue was released some time later. The print issue has not been transcribed to a web-format (yet), but the second issue is available.