Diversity Survey

The survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete. This survey is a tool with a specific purpose. It is not intended to be a comprehensive survey of every minority group.

We want to find out if the composition of the membership reflects that of the Australian population. If a group is under-represented then we intend to initiate programs to introduce these people to the hobby and recruit them to the cooperative.
It is likely that the small number of survey responders will not match the Australian population’s composition down to the smallest percentile. Our small committee cannot devote our limited time and resources to targeting very small groups. Therefore where a group makes up at least 20% of the Australian population it appears here. This unfortunately means that minority groups you might expect to see listed are represented only by ‘Other’ categories and your optional written responses.

Our targets rounded to nearest 10% are given in parentheses.

Are you a member of the RPG Review Cooperative? If you aren’t a member we would still like to hear your answers.

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Where were your parents born?

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Language spoken at home

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What is the net value of your household? If you added up the value of everything your household owns and all your money (savings, super, etc.) then subtract your debts (e.g. mortgage, loans, etc.) this is your net worth. Take your best estimate as to which of the following categories you belong to.