Third Issue Released: March 2009

The third issue of RPG Review has been released with the following content:

Administrivia and Editorial many contributors p2­-3
Crossword Puzzle! by Jensen Schmidt p4­-5
Hot Gossip: Industry News by Wu Mingshi p6
Summerland Designer's Notes by Greg Saunders p7­-8
Fire & Sword Designer's Notes by Ray Turney p9
Gulliver's Trading Company Designer's Notes by Karl Brown p10­-12
Mouse Guard Review by Lev Lafayette p13­-15
Houses of the Blooded Review by Lev Lafayette p16­-20
Known World RPG (Palladium Revised) by Nathanael Phillip Cole p21­-27
QAD by Nathanael Phillip Cole p28­-31
Putting The Blue in Blue Planet by Karl Brown p32­-34
GURPS B&B: Return to Druid's Valley by Denis Sustarre et al p35­-38
Paranoia: The Melbaplex by Brendan Evans p39­-41
Lake Town Campaign for Classic AD&D by Michael Cole p42­-49
Interview With Steven Long with Steven Long p50­-51
Watchmen by Andrew Moshos p52­-56
Lord Orcus Listens! by Steve Saunders p57­61
Solution to Crossword Puzzle by Jensen Schmidt p62
Next Issue and Best D&D Advertisement Ever by Many People! p63­-64