Sixteenth Issue Released: Science Fiction Games

The sixteenth issue of RPG Review has been released with the following content:

Administrivia, Editorial, Letters many contributors p2-3
Hot Gossip: Industry News by Wu Mingshi p4
Interview with Marc Miller with Marc Miller p5-9
Eclipse Phase Review and Character by Lev Lafayette and Stew Wilson p10-19
A | State Review and Characters by John Kahane p20-28
Dark Heresy Review by Redmond Hamlett p29-32
Traveller: Outer Veil Review by Tom Zunder p33-35
Retrospective : Space Opera Review by Lev Lafayette p36-38
Ringworld Root/Branch Skills by Lev Lafayette p39-41
Mass Effecting the Thousand Suns by Stew Wilson p42-51
Savage Jorune Conversion Notes by Bruce Anderson p52-53
Diaspora Tech Levels by Karl Brown p54
T&T Planet of the Apes by Gianni Vacca p55-­56
Computer Game Reviews by Matt Lindus p57­-59
Movie Review: Prometheus by Andrew Moshos p60-63
Next Issue by many people p64