Second Edition Released: December 2008

The second issue of RPG Review has been released with the following contents...

Administrivia, Editorial and Letters many contributors p2-5
Hot Gossip: Industry News by Wu Mingshi p6
Pathfinder Beta Review by Lev Lafayette p7-9
Ralis: Fantasy Australia for Pathfinder by Torquil Gault et al p10-11
Interview with James Flowers; Redbrick Games by James Flowers p12-15
The Spirit of Middle Earth by Michael Cole p16-23
Rolemaster, MERP and LoTR Retrospective by Lev Lafayette p24-29
Warhammer FRP In The Shire by James Haughten p30-36
White Hand Rising: An Alternative Beginning to the Fourth Age by Lev Lafayette p37-39
Rolemaster PBeMs by Luther Martin p40-41
Grey Ranks Review by Lev Lafayette p42-44
Dragon Warriors: A New Era? by Lev Lafayette p45
Disease in Dragon Warriors by Wayne Imlach p46-48
Dragon Warriors Clyster by He Blackarm p49-50
Movie Review: Hellboy II - The Golden Horde by Andrew Moshos p51-52
Basic Dungeon Generator by Peter Cobcroft p53
Visual d20 Combat System by Torquil Gault p53-55
Lord Orcus Listens! A Gaming Advice Column by Steve Saunders p56-62
Gloranthan Sacred Time Songs by Stewart Stansfield p63
Next Issue of RPG Review many contributors p64