RPG Review Cooperative News

Although it is a relatively short time since the last RPG Review journal, the Cooperative has been very busy in implementing its objectives.

We've continued with our monthly newsletter, Crux Australi, and our monthly movie nights for those based where our Association is founded (Melbourne, Australia). We continue to operate our Github for design, operate an online store for members to sell their surplus gaming items, and advertise existing game sessions organised by members. Our members library has grown with several benefactors now making generous donations.

As mentioned in the last newsletter we have also engaged in our advocacy role of promoting an Open Game License for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons and most recently we took on the opinions of our members and associates in raising the question of whether a new version of Watership Down should be produced with less violence (a related side association with RPGs being Bunnies and Burrows).

Last issue, as we went to the press (in the virtual sense) we has applied for the RPG Review journal to receive an International Standard Serial Number from the National Library of Australia - this was granted extremely quickly, probably something to do with having already been in existence for six years or so. Quite clearly we are running a serial and its not going away in a hurry!

Furthermore however, in the past week the RPG Review Cooperative has undertaken a bulk purchase of International Standard Book Numbers, which will allow members to purchase these standard classifiers are a heavily discounted rate and have their material published in the name of the Cooperative. This will include the superhero game, Verge, the third edition of Swordbearer entitled Spirit and Sword, the well-playtested Gulliver's Trading Company, The Eclipse Phase Companion, and The Laundry Down Under.

The most remarkable aspect of this young Cooperative is how quickly we have developed. When the Association was formed last year it established its modest goals. It has, after a mere six months in existence, achieved every single one of the tasks that it set itself at that meeting. We have our membership base, we have our online store, our library, we've transferred the domain ownership and the journal ownership to the Cooperative, we have our ISSNs and ISBNs and we've engaged in our advocacy.

What is next? Well that's a challenge for the committee. But it is reasonable to expect that in coming months we will see an expansion on the established services offered by the committee and a number of publications bearing the Cooperative's name.