Letter of Support to Games Workshop RE: PETA

Kevin Rountree, CEO Games Workshop

Dear Mr. Rountree,

The RPG Review Cooperative, Inc., is a non-profit association based in Melbourne, Australia. Part of our objectives is the advocacy of RPG games. As a result we must comment on a recent 'blog post on the PETA UK website (http://www.peta.org.uk/blog/peta-warhammer-fur-free/) which described their correspondence to you.

Aesthetically, the Warhammer40K universe is meant to be a violence-ridden and horrific setting. The fact that some of the characters wear certain furs of massive carnivores as a sign of martial prowess is actually part of that aesthetic, and indeed, a moral point. It should be mentioned that PETA itself engages in making a moral point of imagery of the fur trade.

As many have already remarked on the 'blog post PETA have done their cause a great disservice by targeting the fictional animal pelts worn by characters in Warhammer40K. As the comments thread indicates, even their supporters have turned against them on this issue - and absolutely nobody is supporting the post. Indeed, many suspect with some justification, that this post is a particularly poor attempt at 'trolling'.

It would seem that players of Warhammer40K are clearly able to distinguish between fact and fiction, and in particular between aesthetic and moral claims. It is probably in their [PETA] best interests that they admit that they were wrong and confused in the approach of targeting these fictional animal pelts. Until then, the post is a continuing embarrassment to their organisation.

In short, you have our support in the development of a fictional setting of futuristic horror, madness, and debauchery - including murderous warmongers who wear animal pelts. May you continue to produce excellent games that explore such a setting.

Yours sincerely,

Lev Lafayette, President, RPG Review Cooperative, Inc.