Hot Gossip: Industry News

by Wu Mingshi

Hosei bo, Mr. Lev,

So double issue again, so double news from Mingshi, lah? How I write industry news when news is stale like old kaya toast.

Suay for World of Darkness MMO when Eve Online company CCP cancel. Not good for 56 staff, all lose job. Mingshi hear that for many month CCP all kiasu, so now no game. Hey CCP, maybe release what you done? Many World of Darkness programmers, Mingshi think. Maybe they finish project, meh? Or you dog in manger stop horse eating hay?

Voting for Ennie Awards open now ( So many good games, which to choose? Fate? Numenara? Shadowrun? Next year maybe even better, Esoterrorists has new edition and four times longer, so this must be conspiracy for Mingshi to play more GUMSHOE. But no gum on shoe here, big ban from Guhmen, only special doctor allow. No paan either and that much worse.

Shane Hensley make interesting and strange game, East Texas University for Savage Worlds. Not like National University, students have party, go on dates, and worry about demonic books, garang ghosts, students all gone-case! Two books so far, East Texas University and Degrees of Horror. First book is rules and setting, second book is "Point Plot Campaign".

New superhero game Valiant Universe RPG from Catalyst Games now available. Name not quite right or maybe satire? Mingshi zai satire! Very thin edge between hero and villain in Valiant Universe. Evil Hat make new setting for Fate name Atomic Robo RPG. It includes super science atomic robots! Actually, it use Atomic Robo comics by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener.

Engine Publishing release fifth book for GMs, with title 'Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters' and selling like chwee kueh and chilli. 'Unframed' has many essays by famous game writers like Robin D. Laws, Jennell Jaquays, Jason Morningstar, Jess Hartley, and more.

Special call out for Steve Creech. He write for 25 different gamebooks and every one say he very nice man, but now have "traumatic brain injury". Mingshi say you should go help at:

You say next issue special for D&D? Here that make confusion, we say D&D for company 'Dinner and Dance' always with lucky draw. Maybe Mingshi take d20 to D&D for lucky draw? Meanwhile no D&D movie, Sweetpea have license for movie and want Warner Brothers, Hasbro want Universal. Not happy, talk outside, mah?

'Internal Correspondence' issue 84 say Pathfinder remains #1 roleplaying game for "Fall 2013". Next place in horse race is Star Wars, then Fate Core, Dungeons & Dragons, and in fifth place "Iron Kingdoms". Also say hobby games market increase 20% in 2013, follow 15% increase in 2012. Market double since 2008! Although this most collectible card games and board games.

All from me this quartering double!

Mingshi! xox (