Hot Gossip : Industry News

by Wu Mingshi

Hosei bo, Mr. Lev...

Hey, you bit the late again, lah? Just like old days. OK2 you not quite up the lorry yet, but sometime Minshi, she has big scare that maybe RPG Review not publish anymore and that thought untahantable.

Wah, qin bo sai "D&D Next" launch date announce, "Summer 2014". My side of equator, not you! Minsghi think this mean GenCon. They better not be late, or much sia suay! Wonder if all 175,000 playtesters get credit, or maybe new book of names?

Will this mean Dungeons & Dragons finally come back to number 1? Internal Correspondence say it now slip to number 3, with Pathfinder number 1 and Star Wars number 2, Iron Kingdoms number 4 and Fate number 5.

Also in that quartering, Dark Heresy drop from top 5. Then Fantasy Flight game do beta for Dark Heresy second edition. Maybe if they do good first edition, they not need second edition so soon, lah?

On track completely different, Pelgrane Press now say Gumshoe system, for Esoterrorists, Trail of Cthulhu, and more now available in two open licenes; Open Gaming License and Creative Commons. Which to choose? The one that you like best!

You say this old school special issue? Did you see argument on Facebook between Bruce Heard who say Tracey Alley novels based on Mystara and Bruce Heard? Tracey Alley use maps that look very much the same as D&D Mystara and have some same place name. Some cover art look very similar to others as well. Alley say she no plagiarist, she say guilty of "literary laziness" and take down novels from Amazon.

Migshi, she very naughty this time and reveal her special source.

That's all from me this quartering!

Mingshi! xox (