Hot Gossip: Industry News

by Wu Mingshi

Hosei bo, Mr. Lev...

My spies tell me that Mayfair Games make move on German boardgame company soon. Remember when they do roleplaying games? No, me neither /jkg. Actually, I remember, they do edition second for horror game call "Chill". Early this year Mayfair sell rights to Martin Carlon who maybe bring third edition of game to table? Spies also say after many year Spanish game Aquelarre will be publish in English ("Aquelarre será traducido al inglés", I read). This game famous with review in Dragon magazine when Mingshi very small. It say game not suitable for America because lots of blood, demons, and magic, and very sexy too. Mingshi think reviewer not come to my island home, there be no games at all!

Internal Correspondence tell Mingshi that this is another good year for the games, four years of growth, hooray. Most popular RPGs this quartering, all agak-agak, are Pathfinder number 1, Dungeons & Dragons number 2, Star Wars number 3, Iron Kingdoms number 4, Dark Heresy number 5.

Compare to last quartering with Pathfinder at number 1, Star Wars number 2, Dungeons & Dragons number 3, Dark Hersy number 4, and Iron Kingdoms number 5. Congratulations to Iron Kingdoms making big moves. Also Privateer Press release real soon, new sourcebook for Iron Kingdoms, call "Kings, Nations, and Gods" about the big countries in that world. How come you not review yet? Malu?

Monte Cook Games zooming along, do big promotion of Numenera, another game RPG Review neglect, la? Double confirm malu? Numenera and the Numenera Player's Guide just release. It is post-apocalyptic science fantasy RPG set a billion years in the future. A billion years! Mingshi think planet already dead by then. Also Monte Cook Games do new science fiction game call "The Strange". That all Mingshi know about it, which is strange. La, malu for Mingshi.

D&D Next all pia with supplements in preparation, so it can be #1 again and big gorilla in room. Vault of the Dracolich has been release with quest for diamond staff in undead dragon lair. Sound like you need a hobbit.
OK, that is all from me this quartering!

Mingshi! xox (