First Edition Released: September 2008

The first issue of RPG Review has been released with the following contents. Either read online, in PDF format, or EPUB format.

Administrivia Editorial and Letters many contributors p2-4
Hot Gossip: Industry News by Wu Mingshi p5
D&D 4th edition Review by Lev Lafayette p6-12
Arachne: A high level D&D Scenario by Lev Lafayette et al. p12-17
Cannibal Contagion Designer's Notes by Nathanael Phillip Cole p18-19
Mythweaver Designer's Notes: Ghosts of the Red Box by Michael Dessing p19-21
Call of Cthulhu All About The Tcho Tcho by James Haughten p21-26
RuneQuest: Demiurgy and The Temple of Helios Scenario by James Haughten p26-30
Interview With Steve Perrin with Steve Perrin p30-32
How RuneQuest Was Designed by Steve Perrin p33-34
Retrospective: DragonQuest Review by Lev Lafayette p35-37
DragonQuest : Interview With The Seagate Adventurer's Guild with lots of people! p37-42
DragonQuest Scenario : The Abduction by Erica Hoehn et al. p42-45
Movie Review: Dark Knight by Andrew Moshos p45-49
Game Design Theory: Via Negativia by Lev Lafayette p49-55
Computer RPG Review: Fatal Frame/Project Zero IV by Laurean Leigh p56-57
CAR-PGa: An International Roleplaying Association by Paul Cardwell p57-60
Lord Orcus Listens! A Gaming Advice Column by Steve Saunders p60-64
Next Issue of RPG Review many contributors p64