Fiftheenth Issue Released: Indie Game Systems

The fiftheenth issue of RPG Review has been released with the following content:

Administrivia, Editorial, Letters many contributors p2-3
Hot Gossip: Industry News by Wu Mingshi p4
Interview with Liz Danforth with Liz Danforth p5-9
HeroQuest2 Review by Chris Jensen Romer p10-19
Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes by Chris Jensen Romer p20-23
The Bell, and Where Character Comes From by Morgan Davie p24-26
Pedagogy of Play by Sean Nittner p27-31
Indie Actual Play Reports by Sean Nittner, Lev Lafayette and Michael Cole p32-45
Tunnels & Trolls Bestiary by Karl David Brown p46-50
Nations of the Intellect by Karl David Brown p51-54
Independent Games, Systems, and the Industry by Lev Lafayette p55-57
Book Review: The New Death by Lev Lafayette p58
Console Game Reviews by Matt Lindus p59­-60
Movie Review: John Carter by Andrew Moshos p61-63
Next Issue by many people p128