Fifth Issue Released: September 2009

The fifth issue of RPG Review has been released with the following content:

Administrivia and Editorial many contributors p2­-3
Letters: The Young Gods Legal Debate with Alex Bialy p3­-7
Hot Gossip: Industry News by Wu Mingshi p8
The Art and Imagination of Dan Smith with Dan Smith p9­-11
New World of Darkness: Reviewed by Sam Sexton p12­-14
New World of Darkness: BrisVegas by Sam Sexton p15­-17
Retrospective: Swordbearer and Heroes of Olympus ­- The Odyssey by Lev Lafayette p18­-28
GURPS: Krononauts; Transhumanists and Time Travel by Karl Brown p29­-31
GURPS: Languages by Michael Cole p32­-42
Paranoia: Travel and Transport by Brendan Evans p43­-46
Reliance on NPCs by Sean Nittner p47­-48
Via Negativa II: Metagaming, Anachronisms and Diegesis by Lev Lafayette p49­-53
Computer/Console Game Review: Fallout 3 by Andy Astruc p54­-56
District 9 by Andrew Moshos p57-59
Lord Orcus Listens! by Steve Saunders p60-63
Next Issue by Many People! p64