Federal Investigations Of Superhumans (FISH) : Villains And Vigilantes

by Alex Davis

Since its inception F.I.S.H. (Federal Investigation of Super Humans) though perhaps burdened by an unfortunate acronym has been devoted to the investigation of those being generally thought of as Super Humans. The most notable of the encounters have nearly always been with FISH agents seeking to redress tactical errors or assisting overwhelmed super individuals apparently engaged in defending the spirit if not the actual laws of the land.

This sort of encounter has nearly always occurred after the imminent danger has passed and when possible after the initial report was filed. These rare encounters are merely the tip of this organizations iceberg like activities.

FISH differs from CHESS (the Central Headquarters of Espionage for the Secret Service) in several important areas, because of its investigative requirements FISH rarely operates as anything more than subtle advisers to overwhelmed superheroes and is far more likely to be found hours or even days after the fact nosing around the scene of a super battle looking for witness testimony to add to FISH’s extensive files rather than any active participation in an incident. This stems partially from profile requirements all they way down to being a side effect of normal agents operating for decades with limited fiscal resources.

Because of an extensive history of bare survival on a shoestring budget for decades few copies of FISH’s reports have ever been produced or documented until recent events forced other branches of the government to recognize the superior records of the organization.

Part of this success is explained by the agents skills at remaining hidden as well as collecting, compiling, and correlating the data resulted from a project that was similar to the Tactical Studies Rules Project (TSRP for short) for the United States Army.

The Project herein was known as Federal Governing of Unusual Projects (FGUP for short) with much effort on the part of administrators and resistance from the agents to giving up their carefully annotated manuals FGUP succeeded in copying and translating the data to generate this current herein only recently.

F.I.S.H. Files: Is equivalent to the USPD this covers the strange and mundane for the Super powered possibilities

F.I.S.H. Scale : A system for determining relative threat values for superpowers

What is this collection of data: The information you are reviewing is a compilation of innovative ways to really expand upon.

This article is most certainly unlikely to be a stand alone product. For those familiar with V&V 2nd this book is a much easier source of inspiration to use than for those more intimate with other systems.

This information should be viewed as close to an endless of a source of inspiration as possible, literally some of the most unusual and interesting scenarios and forms of powers over the decades of super power usage have been unearthed in order to continue to help expand the comics and gaming universes possibly even science itself may be expanded simply by encouraging creative thought in new ways.