Defeating Gnuchess

December 17, high noon, Dili, East Timor

	White	Black	Comments
1.	e4	e5	Standard opening. The King's Pawns face each other in the middle of the battlefield. Grrr.
2.	Nf3	Nc6	White King's Knight threatens black Pawn, defended by black Queen's Knight.
3.	Nc3	Bb4	White Queen's Knight protects white pawn. Black King's Bishop threatens.
4. 	Bb5	Nge7	White King's Bishop threatens black Queen's Knight. Black King's Knight protects black Queen's Knight.
5.	a3	Bxc3	First blood! White Queen's Rook advances one space to threaten black King's Bishop. Black King's Bishop takes white Queen's Knight.
6.	dxc3	a6	Rid me of this troublesome Priest! White Queen's Pawn takes black King's Bishop. Black Queen's Rook advances one space to threaten white King's Bishop.
7.	Bxc6	Nxc6	The war escalates. White King's Bishop takes black Queen's Knight. Black King's Knight takes white King's bishop.
8.	Ng5	O-O	White King's Knight moves to the open right hand side of the field. Open to the black Queen, but protected by the white Queen's bishop.
9.	Qh5	h6	The Queen enters the fray! White Queen moves alongside to the white King's knight. Black King's Rook advances one space to threaten the White King's Knight.
10.	Nh3	d5	Run away! The White King's Knight beats a hasty retreat to the right corner of the field. Inspired, the black Queen's Pawn advances two places to threaten the White King's Pawn.
11.	f4	dxe4	Death of a peasant. White King's Bishop's Pawn moves two places to threaten the black King's pawn. Black Queen's Pawn takes white King's Pawn.
12. 	fxe5	Bxh3	Death of a Pawn and a Knight?. White King's Bishop's Pawn take black King's pawn. Black Queen's Bishop takes white King's Knight, but is threatened by a Pawn and the White Queen without protection!
13.	gxh3	Qd5	Black has no clergy! Not surprisingly, King's Knight's Pawn takes the black Queen's bishop. The Black Queen moves to threaned the white King's Knight's Pawn - now under attack from two directions (Queen and Knight) with but the Queen protecting.
14.	Bf4	Rfe8	A very important peasant. The Queen's bishop moves to protect the white Pawn. The black King's Rook moves to threat the Pawn. With three pieces threatening and two defending, this is a very important peasant. And assured of dying.
15.	Rd1	Qb5	Napoleonic maneouvers. The white Queen's Rook threatens the black Queen, who moves away but is still threatening the VIP (very important peasant)
16.	c4	Qxc4	More Napoleonic maneouvers. White Queen's Pawn advances to threaten the black Queen! A heroic and unprotected move. the black Queen snots the little upstart. But now the odds are even with two attackers and two defenders for the VIP.
17.	Bxh6	gx6	A suicidal priest! "For the greater good!" Deserting the protection of the VIP, the white Queen's Bishop launches deals a deadly blow to the black King's Rook's pawn - and is promptly dispatched by a neighbouring peasant, the King's Knight's Pawn.
18.	Qg4+	Kh8	Check! The white Queen takes a step back and to the left and checks the black King, who hurridly hides in the upper right corner of the field.
19.	Rg1	Nxe5	Closing in for the kill... White King's rook moves to backup the Queen. Sensing real danger the black King's Knight dispatches the VIP and threatens the white Queen. But it's all too late.
20.	Qg7#		The white Queen advances, backed up to the King's rook and traps the black King in the corner of the field. Game over computer. You lose.