Captain Carrot: A Marvel SH Character

by Belinda Lee

Captain Carrot is a mutant angel, a cupid-like figure complete with bow-and-arrow. Being an otherworldly being, Captain Carrot has the capacity to travel between dimensions and as a creature of light, the Captain is protected from attacks from the shadow, and so forth.

However Captain Carrot also takes the appearance of a slightly humanoid rabbit. A favoured strategy is to appeal to the better side of others by making use of their Cuteness Control, as a cute little bunny, which can melt the heart of the most hardened villains.

Also of note is Captain Carrot's unexpected high Strength. Who knew that such a little bunny could pack such a kick?

Hero Name: Captain Carrot Origin: Angel

Fighting: Remarkable (30) POWERS
Agility: Amazing (50) Bow and Arrow Creation (EX 20)
Strength : Unearthly (100) Shadow Shaping (RM 20)
Endurance: Monstrous (75) Regeneration (EX 20)
Reason: Incredible (40) Dimenion Travel (AM 50)
Intuition: Amazing (50) Flight (Wings) (RM 30)
Psyche: Remarkable (30) Resistance: Shadow Attacks (RM 30)
Cutreness Control (EX 20)
Damage Resistance (Phys) (IN 40)
Health: 255 Invisibility (EX 16)
Karma: 55 Prayer (EX 20)
Resources: Poor (4)
Popularity: 40

Talents: Carousing, Martial Arts, Tap Dancing