Black Six - PL 10. Mouse

by Karl Brown

A PC/NPC for Mutants and Masterminds third edition from Green Ronin. This article was created with the aid of HeroLab software.

About Mutants and Masterminds
Mutants and Masterminds is a purpose built super-hero genre game with D20 as a very distant ancestor. The system is capable of handling an incredible range of scales and PCs able to travel hundreds of miles per combat round, grow to a hundred feet tall, or incinerate a city block are all possible as standard starting power level characters. The referee can set the power level lower if she wishes. The system is built around a flexible points based character generation much like Hero System or GURPS. Mutants and Masterminds characters can be fairly simple and easy to play or if various power enhancers are applied quite rules-complex. The character presented here is at the more complex end of the spectrum.

Black-6 is a genetically engineered mouse cyber-linked to the internet from birth. The exact origin story of this mouse super-spy is intentionally left blank. Black six looks like an ordinary brown-black house mouse. The character is suitable as a NPC or PC in most super heroic settings. Here are some suggested uses:

As a PC Black-6 is the party’s super-spy able to sneak into any building and infiltrate even the most secure computer network. In a fight the mouse is not going to be a heavy hitter but with the ability to gather up a seething mass of mice with a combined mass of over a ton and seize control of automated defences and robots the mouse can contribute to any battle. Personality wise probably the best way to play the mouse is to walk the middle road between comic relief and the alien intelligence of an GMO mouse. Black-6 would desire friendship, respect etc like a human PC but not understand human behaviour properly and often react in a mouse-like way. A good model might be the dog ‘cosmo’ from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

With his underground base, access to the world’s computer networks, and rodent spies everywhere Black-6 is in a great position to gather together a group of heroes to counter threats uncovered by his intelligence network. Again, tone wise Cosmo from Guardians of the Galaxy would be a good model.

Alternatively, the PCs might not know the identity of their mysterious patron. Black-6 could contact them only by computer or a synthesised voice over the phone. The PC’s will be surprised when they discover the nature of their employer. For more fun the mysterious patron is playing them for fools, see insidious threat below.

As an NPC Black-6 can be ridiculous melodramatic villain. In this portrayal he is a megalomaniac who seeks to crush humanity and make the world safe for all mouse-kind. For this usage reveal the identity of Black-6 early on preferably with a overblown monologue describing his latest plan to exterminate verminous humanity. Delivering this speech in a falsetto squeak can only add to the effect. Unlike the insidious threat below, this version of Black-6 tends to end up confronting the PCs directly. The tiny megalomaniac should seize control of robots to augment the seething mass of mice in combat. As soon as the going gets tough Black-6 should easily be able to escape. After a few encounters the frustrated heroes are bound to start concocting a plan to capture the little menace once and for all.

Insidious Threat
In this treatment we play it straight. An alien mindset with goals hostile to humanity replaces comic relief. Think about it, what does a mouse want? A mouse wants to survive, to reproduce in great numbers, to eat, and to be free from predators (like humans). A mouse has no understanding of love or friendship and no altruistic compulsions. If not for their size and stupidity mice would be a horrible alien threat.

The genius mouse Black-6 sees humanity as a threat. After escaping the lab he has set about taking over the city from beneath. The PCs will start encountering wantonly destructive hacker attacks on local government, police, fire brigade and hospital computer systems. In the background first drop mentions of the appearance of dead mice (Black-6 is eliminating all the other male mice in the city) and later dead cats and dogs. Soon after people begin to report a mouse plague then homeless people are found eaten alive by hundred of tiny mouths. Once the local authorities are crippled, arsonist terror attacks on high-density human housing begin. As the PCs continue their investigations synthesised voices threaten them over the phone and they encounter huge seething masses of mice that break up and scurry away when the battle gets tough. Finally they figure out who the villain is and must face the terror in his network of tiny tunnels beneath the burning ruined city.

This character uses a lot of the more complex rules from MnM including linked and alternate powers. Take your time and review Black-6 carefully before using him in play. Not recommended as a PC for new players.

Strength -5, Stamina -1, Agility 2, Dexterity -1, Fighting 1, Intellect 10, Awareness 6, Presence -3
Black-6 has a gene-enhanced brain and access to the net giving him super-genius level intelligence.

Benefit: Athletics based on agility, Equipment 5, Languages 3 (see below).

Acrobatics 1 (+3), Athletics 4 (-1/+6), Close Combat: ‘brawl’ 15 (+16), Deception 5 (+2), Expertise: Conspiracy Theories 1 (+11), Expertise: Current Events 1 (+11), Expertise: Hacking 10 (+20), Expertise: Maps 1 (+11), Expertise: Politics 1 (+11), Expertise: Science 1 (+11), Insight 1 (+7), Investigation 1 (+11), Perception 10 (+16), Persuasion 1 (-2), Sleight of Hand 1 (+0), Stealth 10 (+26), Technology 9 (+19), Treatment 1 (+11)
Note that his expertise skills can be enhanced by using his ‘super’ wireless connection to the internet (see below).

All your bases are belong to us!: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 20; Concentration, Cumulative; Limited: only objects and constructs with wireless or internet connection, Sense-dependent: radio/internet)

At one with the net: Enhanced Trait 5 (bestowed, technological, Expertise +10 (+21); Limited: Only where mobile internet is available)
Memebase and io9: Enhanced Trait 5 (Alternate; Traits: Expertise +10 (+20); Limited: Only while online)
Navman and GoogleEarth: Enhanced Trait 5 (Alternate; Traits: Expertise +10 (+21); Limited: only while online)
Polls and analysis: Enhanced Trait 5 (Alternate; Traits: Expertise +10 (+21); Limited: only while online)
Searching screeds and rants: Enhanced Trait 5 (Alternate; Traits: Expertise +10 (+21); Limited: only while online)
WoS and blogs: Enhanced Trait 5 (Alternate; Traits: Expertise +10 (+21); Limited: only while online)
Enhanced biology: Regeneration 10 (bestowed, biological, Every 1 round)
Enhanced Immune System: Immunity 3 (Aging, Disease, Poison)
Every blow is dodged!: Enhanced Trait 9 (Traits: Parry +9 (+17); Innate)
Gene Spliced Brain: Enhanced Intellect 2 (bestowed, biological, thought, +2 INT)

Mouse movement
Burrow: Burrowing 1 (Speed: 900 feet/hour, 1 foot/round; Innate)
Mice are good swimmers: Swimming 1 (Speed: 1 mile/hour, 15 feet/round; Innate)
Scurry: Movement 3 (Safe Fall, Slithering, Sure-footed 1; Innate)

Rodent Senses: Senses 3 (Acute: Smell, Low-light Vision, Ultra-hearing; Innate)

The internet is my brain!: Enhanced Intellect 12 (invented, technological, +12 INT; Limited: Only when mobile internet is available)

Which mouse?
To simulate his mouse control I have used several different powers and linked them to give maximum flexibility. All by himself Black-6 uses ‘A mouse’. To simulate a seething mass of mice with Black-6 in the centre I have represented the swarm as a single combatant the ‘Mouse Swarm!’ with variable growth and regeneration. He can also control mice as individuals. All of these are subject to a power loss limitation; the powers don’t work if there are no other mice about. Normally, Black-6 will gather a dispersed following using his rodent control so only in very special circumstances will the power loss be a problem for him.
A mouse: Shrinking 14 ([14 active, 29/29 PP, 2/r+1], -3 STR, -7 Intimidate, +14 Stealth, +7 active defenses, -3 size categories, -1 speed ranks; Innate)
Mouse Swarm!
Flowing little bodies: Insubstantial 1 (Linked; [1 active, 29/29 PP, 5/r], Fluid)
Hundreds of eyes: Enhanced Trait 5 (Linked; [5 active, 29/29 PP, 1/r], Perception +10 (+26))
Hundreds of mice: Growth 6 (Linked; [0 active, 29/29 PP, 2/r], +6 STR, +6 STA, +3 Intimidate, -6 Stealth, -3 active defenses, +1 size category)
Hundreds of mouths: Strength-based Damage 5 (Linked; [5 active, 29/29 PP, 1/r], DC 15)
They keep coming!: Regeneration 1 (Linked; [1 active, 29/29 PP, 1/r], Every 10 rounds)
Rodent Control: Concentration Burst Area Mind Control 4 ([0 active, 29/29 PP, 7/r], DC 14; Burst Area 3: 120 feet radius sphere, Concentration; Limited: only rodents)
Wireless and Mobile Receiver: Senses 1 (Radio; Limited: Wireless and mobile internet and phone only)
Wireless and Mobile: Radio Communication 1 (Sense Type: Internet connection; Limited: wireless and moblie internet and phone only)

Cell Phone (Smartphone), Toolkit (Basic), Video Camera
Often Black-6 ventures out without any gear to better blend in with other mice.

Initiative +2
All your bases are belong to us!: Concentration Cumulative Affliction 10, +1 (DC Will 20)
Grab, +1 (DC Spec 5)
Hundreds of mouths: Strength-based Damage 5, +1 (DC 15)
Rodent Control: Concentration Burst Area Mind Control 4 (DC Will 14)
Throw, -1 (DC 10)
Unarmed, +1 (DC 10)

Disability: Mouse: Physically Black-6 is an ordinary little black mouse. As well the non-humanoid shape he faces issues socially as well.
Power Loss: Mouse Swarm: Typically, Black-6 uses his powers to keep mice nearby when he travels enabling him form a swarm or other effects readily. However, if separated from this roaming dispersed population when there are no other mice nearby his mouse swarm powers become useless.
Power Loss: Fear the Faraday Cage: Many of the mouse’s powers rely on access to the internet.

Chinese (Mandarin), English, Japanese, Mouse

Dodge 9, Parry 17/7, Fortitude -1, Toughness -1, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities -4 + Powers 108 + Advantages 9 + Skills 37 (74 ranks) + Defences 0 = 150


A labyrinth of tiny tunnel beneath the city - PL 10

Toughness 14, Size Awesome


Concealed 2, Laboratory, Living Space, Personnel, Power System, Security System 3, Workshop
This gives you a fair bit of leeway to describe the base to fit what you need. A patron Black-6 will have old subway stations and other human size accommodations. An insidious threat Black-6 would not.

Power Points
Abilities 6 + Powers 0 + Advantages 0 + Features 10 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Defenses 4 + Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 20

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