Bushido, the way of the warrior, is a role-playing game set in feudal Japan, designed by Robert N. Charrette and Paul R. Hume and published by Fantasy Games Unlimited (originally by Tyr Games in 1979, then Phoenix Games in 1980 and finally FGU in 1981). The setting for the game is a land called Nippon and characters adventure in this heroic, mythic and fantastic analogue of Japan's past.

Bushido players use characters defined by a series of attributes, skills, professions and levels. The professions are Bushi (fighters), Budoka (martial artists), Yakuza (gangsters), Ninja, Shugenja (Taoist-style wizards) and Gakusho (priests, either Buddhist or Shinto). Character progression is implemented by both down-time training and level advancement. Characters are heroic, capable of feats beyond the bounds of normal humans, but not excessively so and thus remain on the edge of plausibility.

The following is a collection of fan-pages for this classic RPG.

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