Crew of the Damned: Piratical Pregens

by Karl David Brown

This article contains a mix of pirate characters generated as starting level PCs for a variety of game systems and settings. These charcters could also be used as adversaries against low level characters or minions to annoy experienced adventurers.

D&D 5th Edition: Brorazon the Sail Burner
Brorazon is a crude rhino sized dragon who has sailed with pirate bands in search of treasure.
Barbarian 1, Pirate, Drakon (see Nautical Races this issue). True
Neutral. STR15 (+2), DEX12(+1), CON15(+2), INT9 (-1), WIS12(+1),
CHA8(-1). Proficiency bonus +2.
Proficient saving throws: Str+4 and Con+4. Proficient skills:
Athletics +4, Intimidation +1, Perception +3, Survival +3. Passive perception 13. Languages: Draconic, Common. Other proficiencies: Unarmed, light and medium armour, navigator’s tools and water vehicles (the ability to use these is severely limited by Tool Use 2).
AC13. Initiative +1. Land speed 30. Maximum HP14. HD1d12. Bite reach 10ft +4 2d6+2 piercing or Claw reach 5ft +4 2d4+2 slashing. Barbarian
Rage feature two uses, rage damage bonus +2. Fire breath 15ft cone 2d6 fire damage, Dex save DC12 for half damage, recharged by a short or long rest. Damage resistance fire and slashing damage.
Pouch containing 20gp. A second pouch containing a healing potion and strange gold coin minted in an unknown nation.
Personality traits, bonds and flaws: Stretches the truth for the sake of a good story, language as foul as an otyugh’s nest. Someday will own my own ship and chart my own destiny. I was cheated out of my share of the profits, and I want to get my due. My pride will probably lead to my destruction.
Large (rhino sized) dragon with Tool Use 2. Poor wings function as per Featherfall at will.
Bad reputation (see PHB139).

Tunnels & Trolls 5th Edition: Flynn
This character was created using the character creation guide in RPG Review issue 22. However, changes to the T&T rules are additions and therefore Flynn is usable without those rules.
Elf Rogue (Pirate) Level 1. Use any weapon can learn to cast spells but currently has none.
A tall athletic Elf in typical pirate garb.
ST14 IQ12 LK14 CON8 DEX18 CHR30 SPeed15
Money: Gold0, Silver 50
Max ST28, Adds+10, Height 6’11, Weight 225Lbs, Age54, Languages: Elvish and Common.
Wt possible: 1400, half wt possible 700. Carried 95units
Note personal Adds have already been applied to weapon.
Scimitar Dice+Adds 4d+10, ST10, DEX11, Wt100
Warm dry clothing and pack Wt10
Calf high boots Wt20
Leather Jerkin Hits1, ST1,Wt15

Conan 2nd Edition (Mongoose): Bloody Aja
Conan is a d20 based games extensively altered to capture the feel of Howard’s Conan sword and sorcery stories.
Bloody Aja is a huge brutal pirate.
Race: South Islander. Class: Pirate 1. Male. 25 years old. Height 7’1”. Weight 311Lbs. Left handed. Hair: black braids. Eyes: black. Skin: Black. Code of Honour: Nil. Allegiance 1: Cap’n Bajujh.
Allegiance 2: The ‘Red Shark’s crew. The name of the captain and the ship could be changed to suit. Reputation: +2 (base 0 then +2)
STR18(+4), DEX12(+1), CON14(+2), INT8(-1), WIS8(-1), CHA13+1)
Saves: Fort+4, Ref+3, Wil+1. (-2 for Wil saves against Terror due to superstitions).
Hit points:10.
Lift over head 300, lift off ground 600, push/drag 1500. Current load 25, Speed 30.
Defenses: Base Defense 10, Parry 14, Dodge 11 (12 with armour off, cultural bonus).
Leather Jerkin: type light, DR 4, max dex +6, chk penalty -1, spell failure 40, speed 30, wt 5.
Offenses: Initiative +3. Base Attack Bonus +0. Other attack bonuses parenthesis ( ) indicates attacks with spears. Melee+4(+5), finesse +1 (+2), ranged +1(+2).
Proficiencies: all simple weapons, all melee weapons. Cultural weapons +1 spears and javelins.
Attacks: Brawl p123&145, attack+4, damage 1d6+4, crit x2, type B, not finesse, Notes lethal or non-lethal.
Javelins: attack +2, damage 1d8+4, crit x2, AP1, range 30, hardness 5, HP3, type P, weight 2x5Lbs, not finesse, has 5 in a ‘quiver’
The next two weapons can be used together with no penalty for two weapon combat.
War Club: attack +4, damage 2d6+4, crit x2, AP4, hardness 5, HP10, type B, size 2h, weight 6Lbs, not finesse,
Akbitanan dagger: attack+4, damage d4+2, crit19-20 x2, AP3, range 10, hardness 15, HP2, type P, size Lt, weight 1Lbs, finesse (Yes), off-hand use hidden in clothing when not in use.
Combat Manoeuvers: Bull Charge, To The Hilt.
Skills: those with ranks or modified by armour are listed. A=modifier for armour when worn. R=ranks from race (culture).
Bluff: +2=1rank+1stat
Escape Artist:+0=0rank+1stat-1A
Knowledge (geography): 0=1rank-1stat
Knowledge (local, South Islands):+1=2R-1stat
Perform (Dance): +5=2R+1stat+2 special race bonus
Profession (Sailor): +1=2R-1stat
Tumble 0=-1A+1stat
Feats: two weapon combat, power attack, brawl. (includes bonus feat
for favored class).
Languages (illiterate in all): Argossean, South Island, Black Coast.
Special Abilities: favoured class barbarian or pirate, seamanship +1,
ferocious attack (Conan 2nd Edition p58).
Fate Points: 3
Equipment: belt (waist 0.5Lbs), red silk breeches (legs 0Lbs), merchant quality red doublet worn open at the front (torso 0.5Lbs), sandals (feet 0.5Lbs), 4 fishhooks (doublet 0Lbs), drinking jack (belt 0.5Lbs), Costrel of wine (belt 0Lbs), belt pouch (belt 0.5Lbs). Total mass general gear 7LBS.
Slave: Shubba is a submissive and loyal male slave. The Conan rpg provides no set attributes for the slaves on the equipment list. The implied intent is that these people do not fight for the PC. Language: Black Coast. Kushite racial features (Conan 2nd Edition p26). Shubba acts as a porter carrying the following: slave collar (2Lbs), loin cloth (0Lbs), sandals (0.5Lbs), manacles (carried but not usually worn 2Lbs), kit bag (0.5Lbs), iron pot (2Lbs), 2 waterskins (0Lbs), bedroll (5Lbs), candle lantern (3Lbs), whetstone (1Lbs), sack folded (0.5Lbs), wooden bowl (0Lbs), 50ft hemp rope (10Lbs), two torches (1Lbs each).
Total mass carried by Shubba 28.5Lbs.

GURPS 3rd Edition, Ice Age. Eel
Prehistoric characters for GURPS first appeared in GURPS Ice Age, later these rules were expanded in GURPS Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures.
Cro-Magnon, 17 years old, height 5’11”, weight 155Lbs, 100pt.
Eel was a cocky young hunter whose welcome advances towards the shaman’s daughter in contradiction of a religious taboo saw him exiled. Stealing a dugout canoe he escaped down-river hoping to reach the warmer south before winter. An inexperience hunter he has taken to stealing in the dead of night to survive.
ST12 (20), DX12 (20), IQ12 (20), HT13 (30) (Attributes: +90pt)
Absolute Direction(5), Attractive (5), alertness+1 (5), acute hearing+1(2). (Advantages: +17pt) , Short lifespan (-10), Social Status -3 Outcast (-15), Impulsive (-10), Struggling (-10), Reputation (-2 to reaction roll, people of the northern half of the river’s length (large class of people)x1/2 , sometimes x1/2, total= -1/2pt). (Disadvantages: -45.5pt, note in an Ice Age setting all characters have Short Lifespan and this species trait would not count toward the usual -40pt Disadvantages limit. If Eel fell in with time travelers his Outcast and/or Struggling Disadvantages would be likely to change rapidly).
Skills (type pt rating): Axe/Mace (PA 1 11), Boating (PA 2 12), Bow& Palette* (PA 1 11), Bow (PH 1 10), Brawling (PE 1 12), Cooking (ME 2 13), Fast-Talk (MA 2 12), Fishing (ME 2 13), Flint Sparking* (PE 2 13), Gesture (ME 2 13), Hiking (PA(HT) 2 13), Leatherworking (ME 2 13), Mimicry (X 2 X), Naturalist (MH 2 11), Survival type? (MA 2 12), Tracking (MA 2 12), Running (PH(HT) 2 12), Sex Appeal (MA(HT) 2 13), Sling (PH 2 12), Spear (PA 1 11), Spear-thrower (PA 1 11), Spear Throwing (PA 2 12) Swimming (PE 2 13), Throwing stick (PE 1 12)
Skills: 29pt *Compendium I page 152.
5pt points for equipment to have the dugout canoe. See Compendium I page 17.
Equipment: Dugout canoe, Tunic boots leggings (6Lbs), fur cloak (3Lbs), flint sparker (1Lbs), small pouch (0.5Lbs), fire hardened spear (imp thr reach 1, 3Lbs, min Str8, +1 damage if used 2h or thrown). Total: 13.5Lbs, unencumbered.
Figured characteristics: Swing 1d-1, thrust 1d+2, Basic speed 6.25, Move 7 (due to Running skill).
Cloak PD1 DR 1 from behind only Boots DR1 feet. Tunic DR1 areas 9-11, 17-18 Leggings PD1 DR1 covers the legs (only)
Dodge: 6, Block: no shield, Parry: spear 5.
Reaction+/-: Attractive +1, Outcast -3=-2, if reputation applies -4.

Legends of Anglerre: The Three of Cutlasses
Despite it's title Legends of Anglerre is a tool-kit to build your own fantasy world with FATE. It also contains two campaign settings. The three PCs presented would suit the Hither Kingdoms setting or any other high fantasy world with the standard tropes. Though options are provided for solo character generation FATE works best when players
generate a group of characters, therefore I have provided a party of three. All three are 'Good' rated characters.

Ashrel of Anjuslo Elf Water Elementalist
Phase 1 Early Days: The spires of Anjuslo: raised among the spires and traditions of Anjuslo, where elves first set foot in the Hither Kingdoms. I was accepted into the Academy of Aqilis to learn the ancient craft of magic. My mother was so proud when I graduated. My family, the Valesqins, are still respected wizards in Anjuslo and I have many old friends there.
Phase 2 Legend: Ashrel and the pirates of the Silver Sea: Hired as ship’s wizard I set sail for Argalan only to be waylaid on the Silver Sea by bloodthirsty pirates. After a most of the crew was slaughtered us few survivors were set adrift in the jolly boat.
Phase 3 Guest Star: Ashrel the Imperial Privateer Our jolly boat was rescued by the Imperial Navy. Eager for payback I enlisted to hunt pirates. One red-flagged sloop nearly eluded us then when they were at our mercy the Admiral pardons then and sets me to watch them as they hunt their former fellows. One of these low-life’s, Garod, seems
determined to befriend me.
6 Aspects: Elf born in Anjuslo, Water Wizard of Aqilis, I have sailed from First Arri-val to the Silver Sea, death is to good for pirate scum, I am the Admiral’s eyes.
3 Stunts: Water Walk (Elements), Create Water (Elements), Water Perception (Ele-ments).
15pt of skills: Elements (Water, Good 3), Academics (Fair 2), Resources (Fair 2), Science (Fair 2), Investigation (Average 1), Art (Average 1), Artificer (Average 1), Resolve (Average 1), Stealth (Average 1) Melee Weapons (Average 1).
Equipment: Short sword, lantern, scroll case, staff, waterskin, writing equipment, bedroll, a bottle of fine elven wine, pint of oil.

Garod the Privateer Human Imperial Pirate
Phase 1 Early Days: To the gutter born: Garod was born into poverty, but within sight of ruins of the Old Empire's glory, in the slums of Koborreth. He was an urchin child and then a burglar until he escaped the Law aboard a pirate sloop. He has lost track of his impoverished parents and has come to assume they are dead.
Phase 2 Legend: Garod against the Imperial Navy: The pirate sloop ranged out of the Simris Isles raiding spice ships for plunder. Eventually we ran afoul of the Impe-rial Navy but we eluded the great galleys for weeks. At last caught, we fought like demons but could not withstand the might of the Imperial Warships. Then a miracle, impressed by our skills the Admiral offered us pardons and letters of Marque. Apparently, it takes a pirate to catch another.
Phase 3 Guest Star: Garod and the Water Wizard: So we hunt pirates now, its hard fighting compared to fat spice ships, but fight we must for that damned elf wiz-ard watches to ensure we do our duty. Best
stay on his good side.
6 Aspects: To the gutter born, Wanted burglar in Koborreth, Letter of Pardon, We hunt the hunters now, Currying Ashrel’s favor, Blooded fighter.
3 Stunts: Quick Exit (Stealth), Strong Swimmer (athletics), Sea Dog (pilot).
15pt of skills: Burglary (Good 3), Athletics (Fair 2), Pilot (Fair 2), Stealth (Fair 2), Alertness (Average 1), Contacting (Average 1), Deceit (Average 1), Endurance (Av-erage 1), Fists (Average 1), Melee Weapons (Average 1).
Equipment: Hand axe, dagger, belaying pin (club), backpack, bedroll, flask (empty), waterskin, a bit of stale bread and salami, bottle of ale.

Shriek Wilderling (Parrot) Thief
Phase 1 Early Days: A wandering soul: Hatched in the jungles of the far off Spice Lands Shriek always had a wandering soul. As soon as he came of age he flew out to the next ship that passed to see the world. The ship was a spice trader returning to Koborreth. In the streets of that city he fell in with Garod and fled with him happy to be aboard a ship and travelling again.
Phase 2 Legend: Shriek and the Barque of the Damned: Shriek quickly proved his worth as a scout and messenger. One evening a grey barque flying the red pirate flag is spied. The captain sends Shriek to fly across with an offer of parley. The rangy captain of the other crew invites Shriek in for rum but locks him below. The Barque is a ship of
Phase 3 Guest Star: Shriek and the Admiral’s Ear: The day finally came when the Imperial Navy caught up with us. If Shriek had not flown across, drugged the Admi-ral’s rum and convinced him in his stupor of the pirate crew’s worth, well his pirate brothers would be swinging from the gallows.
6 Aspects: Flamboyant Parrot, "Don't be lookin’ at me I just got ‘ere", ”Yerr not a skin-changer are yerr?”, “I must warn Garod!”, “Don’t drink that unless yea want to do as yer told”, silver-tongued.
3 Stunts: Glide (athletics), Flight (athletics), The Honest Lie (Deceit)
15pt of skills: Athletics (Good 3), Deceit (Fair 2), Alertness (Fair 2), Stealth (Fair 2), Endurance (Average 1), Gambling (Average 1), Fists (bite really, Average 1), Rapport (Average 1), Empathy (Average 1), Survival (Average 1)
Equipment: Bag of sunflower seeds, bottle of ale, seven assorted shiny baubles and knick-knacks of Mediocre value.

Savage Worlds Deluxe: B=X
A robot space pirate for a generic space-opera type setting using
Savage worlds De-luxe (SWD) and the Science Fiction Companion (SFC).

Profession: Rebel Space Pirate.
Race: Construct.
Height 200cm. Mass 150kg.
Quote: “Logic demands we disassemble the Empire and acquire its resources”
Description: A tall blocky humanoid seemingly made entirely out of old miss-matched parts. Its head is skull-like and painted white with cheap paint. B=X speaks with a poor synthesized ‘robot’ voice. It's a very old school lumbering robot.

Calculated scores: Charisma 0 (but Outsider SFC7), Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 6.

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d4, Strength d8, Vigor d8.

Skills: Pilot d4, Fighting d4, Intimidation d4, Notice d10, shooting d4, repair d10.

Hindrances: dependency electricity (SFC7), Outsider Construct (SFC7), Repro-grammed to destroy the Empire (Major Vow), Environmental weakness electricity (SFC8), Quirk ‘Robot Speak’, Greedy (minor).

Edges: Construct (SFC7), Mods (SFC7). Currently, B=X does not have any mods installed.

Flak Gun (SFC19): a large barreled weapon that looks something like a blunderbuss. The stats for this weapon are given SFC19.