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It's certainly not a terrible idea; one of the main Orlanthi gods after all
is a trader, and more generally "merchant caravan guard" is a pretty common
occupation, at least for new adventurers, in most fantasy RPGs.

The closest I think I can recall anything printed was perhaps in one of the
RQ3 troll books (I want to say Trollpak, but RQ3 had Troll Gods and Into
The Troll Realms as well) where I think there was a dark troll trader in an
adventure, but I doubt it had any sort of Traveller like trading rules.
That said, if you go all the way back to Traveller's Book 2 trading system,
it could doubtless be adapted. You'd want to replace the 11-66 table
(probably entirely, with some sort of d100 table, but definitely at least
as far as the actual items go, unless your Glorantha has ATVs and laser
carbines in it), and you'd need to modify the resolution for buy/sell
prices (for example, using Fast Talk rolls, with a critical success meaning
a -40%/+40% buy/sell price, a special meaning -20%/+20%, or whatever), and
change modifiers for things like "Asteroid world" to perhaps "Praxian" -
you get the general idea.

I don't recall ever seeing anything like that, but I'd be interested in
anything anyone may have done along those lines.

On 9 October 2017 at 18:08, Lev Lafayette <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> I've started playing in a new RQ3 game and, being a poor sorceress (what
> do you mean I start with 23 pennies?), I thought I would buy a dog and
> make use of my tiny skill ratings in Animal Lore and my Dominate (Canine)
> spell.
> Based in a large city, I shelled out the 0.25 pennies for a "common dog"
> and noticed there was significant variation in prices between large city,
> small city, and wilds. The opportunity for trading my way out my
> impoverished situation became clear!
> In a large city cats are *free*, in a small city they're 0.5 pennies, and
> in rural and wild areas they're 5 pennies. I could have an infinite supply
> of cats!
> More seriously, it is evident that the variation between prices from city
> to country is at least partially the result of natural resources and
> agriculture (country) and transport and protection of manufactured goods
> (city), but I wonder if there has been an attempt to develop a trade
> system in any edition or supplement of RuneQuest. Whilst I am not
> expecting something as elaborate as Traveller, which makes it quite a
> function of the game, it would make an interesting extension to the core
> game rules.
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