[Runequest] RQ 3: Free Cats!

Thomas Zunder kantor_rythmeiger at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 9 21:23:33 AEDT 2017

A player in a University Griffin Mountain campaign started a business 
importing shovels and donkeys into Balazar from Prax and Sartar.

Mercantile games can be quite niche, with just one player enjoying them, 
but they are great for flavour.

There are nice trade rules in Savage Worlds 50Fathoms that can be 
adopted for any rpg, they are IMHO better than any Traveller trade rules 
I have seen.

On 09/10/2017 12:08, Lev Lafayette wrote:
> I've started playing in a new RQ3 game and, being a poor sorceress (what
> do you mean I start with 23 pennies?), I thought I would buy a dog and
> make use of my tiny skill ratings in Animal Lore and my Dominate (Canine)
> spell.
> Based in a large city, I shelled out the 0.25 pennies for a "common dog"
> and noticed there was significant variation in prices between large city,
> small city, and wilds. The opportunity for trading my way out my
> impoverished situation became clear!
> In a large city cats are *free*, in a small city they're 0.5 pennies, and
> in rural and wild areas they're 5 pennies. I could have an infinite supply
> of cats!
> More seriously, it is evident that the variation between prices from city
> to country is at least partially the result of natural resources and
> agriculture (country) and transport and protection of manufactured goods
> (city), but I wonder if there has been an attempt to develop a trade
> system in any edition or supplement of RuneQuest. Whilst I am not
> expecting something as elaborate as Traveller, which makes it quite a
> function of the game, it would make an interesting extension to the core
> game rules.

It's Tom, really..

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