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Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Sun Nov 20 22:30:24 AEDT 2016

I'm going to make a heroic claim that this post is vaguely relevant to the
group because it's about providing funding to the group which hosts the
list :)

The RPG Review Cooperative, an incorporated non-profit association in
Melbourne, Australia, is writing a new "old-school" roleplaying game,
Papers & Paychecks.

We need your support.


Three decades ago Will McLean brought us many laughs with the "Papers &
Paychecks" illustration in the 'Dungeon Masters Guide' for Advanced
Dungeons & Dragons. A cursory search will reveal that on more than one
occasion the thought has entered the heads of others that "Papers and
Paychecks" would make a great roleplaying game.

But this is the first time that the idea has seen completion. With
assistance by the RPG Review Cooperative, Inc., a non-profit body who will
be receiving the proceeds of this Kickstarter, designer Lev Lafayette has
brought the idea to fruition in a 128 page book with cover art from Dan
'Smif' Smith, famous for his illustrations from the GURPS line of books.

"Papers & Paychecks" posits a world that is downright hostile to the
player characters using the metaphysical foundation of resistentialism.
This is a supposedly joke philosophy based around the widespread anecdotal
evidence of an apparent malice of inanimate objects against people: "Les
choses sont contre nous" ("Things are against us").

Add this to a regular mix of cringeworthy managers, bumbling technicians,
mad scientists, scheming administrators, wacky researchers, dodgy tradies,
and brutish labourers, and you have the ingredients of the tragi-comedy
that is "Papers and Paychecks", inspired by such TV shows as 'Drop The
Dead Donkey', 'Corner Gas', 'The IT Crowd', 'The Office', 'Utopia', and

The game system uses many traditional features - it has the historic
characteristics, Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution,
and Charisma - they are even rolled in order on 3d6. But there is also a
metagame characteristic, Luck, which allows the player to determine the
results of any roll.

As with other classic games, "Papers and Paychecks" is a "gold piece
system", but in reverse. Whereas in traditional RPGs one received
"experience points" for acquiring treasure, in "Papers and Paychecks" your
character will receive "treasure" (i.e., a paycheck) for having
experience. "Papers and Paychecks" is also a "class and level" game
however the classes are not a straight-jacket which restricts the
character but rather is a set of abilities which can be changed regularly.

Like the original cartoon, task resolution in "Papers & Paycheck" is
carried out with a 2d6 roll against a target number with modifiers from
the characteristics, situation, etc.

Will McLean passed away a year ago on the day this Kickstarter is being
launched. There is no easier way to support the humour he provided than by
contributing to this Kickstarter and receiving the funniest roleplaying
game ever written.

Please take the opportunity to support and promote our project.


Lev Lafayette, BA (Hons), GradCertTerAdEd (Murdoch), GradCertPM, MBA (Tech
Mngmnt) (Chifley)
mobile:  0432 255 208
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