[Runequest] Designing the New RuneQuest - Part 4 - Rune Magic

Marko Perälä mperis at luukku.com
Tue Mar 1 01:21:49 EST 2016

I would like to see the magic systems be taken more towards themed packages, not just in rune magic but in general as well. For example a sorcerer could learn a whole grimoire as a single skill as his core specialization. One skill for every spell in that particular grimoire. Then the sorcerer could learn individual spells outside his specialization as separate skills.

Now, I'm going to use RQ3 as an example, because that's the one I'm most familiar with, but feel free to imagine your own favourite edition. The problem with RQ3 sorcery was that there was too little source material. It was just a collection of separate spells. Imagine, if you had made a sorcerer character, who instead of learning a bunch of spells had first chosen a grimoire, say a warmage. A warmage learns the skills Warmage grimoire. Then he uses that skills for casting each spell in that Grimoire (Boost damage, Boost STR, Boost CON, Boost SIZ, Boost DEX, Damage resistance, Magic resistance, Heal wounds, Regeneration, Venom). That is ten spells for one skill and they are linked thematically. Each of those spells is something a warrior could be expected to use. That sorcerer could learn other spells from scrolls and other books, for example Teleportation and Fly, boot they are outside his expertise, so he would learn those skills separately, like in standard RQ3.

This was just an example, but I think this kind of thematic grouping should be done with every magic system to prevent spells from being just loose collections of spells. It works with cult based rune magic in RQ3 and it works with those sorcerer sects of Mongoose RQ. I think the same kind of themed community thinking should be extended to include all magic system.

In case you are wondering, I am in favor of runic points (sacrificed POW points allow casting of all spells a specific cult offers, instead of each point earmarked to a specific spell), in some form or another. One benefit of runic points over specific spells is that it would allow PCs to have available spells players don't usually bother sacrificing for. Which Orlanth worshipping PC ever spent POW points to acquire Wind words(1)? With the point system those rarely sacrificed spells would come along for the ride and be available in the character sheet, should the occasion arise.

Kantor Rythmeiger kirjoitti 29.02.2016 kello 12:44:
> None of it is new.That isn't the point.The point is, does it make
>  the game
> playable, fun and make you feel like you are in Glorantha?I have
>  felt the
> runic alignment thing has been obvious for years, and the rune point
>  thing
> has been fixed/fixable for decades.Thing is, they are writing a ruleset
> that does it.Let's hope they kill Defense and 5% skill increments. I
>  guess
> they won't rationalise the skill list, but hey ho.
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