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Fri Jun 24 03:06:49 AEST 2016

Demon Magic (one of the SB companions) had rules for using SAN rules in
Stormbringer. Including modifiers for SAN based on nationality (which
didn't quite do it for me; PanTangians are all mad yet get +10 SAN?)

http://www.furfur.demon.co.uk/start.htm had 'Moonstruck' rules for using
Sanity in Glorantha. Sadly the actual site itself is down and looks like
it's been abandoned for good. But judicious use of the wayback machine
archive leads to this

My favourite use of the CoC SAN rules is CoC as run by the Shadow Warriors
at UK gaming conventions. Fail a SAN roll yes you lose SAN but you also
receive an 'insane insight' - a bit of paper with a terrifying and/or
useful snippet from the GM
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