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If you enjoy the mechanic, there's a great game called Darkest Dungeon
http://store.steampowered.com/app/262060/ that uses it to good effect -
essentially your adventurers accumulate physical damage but also sanity
damage.  You have to continually attend to their mental health by giving
them time off for example in a church (to pray) or in a brothel (to ... not
pray).  Invariably, conditions will get so bad that your characters
accumulate quirks like kleptomania or germophobia up to outright insanity.

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> Coincidentally I came across a Sanity-like system in the Blake's 7 RPG -
> heavily RQ3 inspired - which I am running at the moment, called Stress. As
> you accumulate stress levels, your performance decreases by means of a
> blanket penalty to all skill rolls. It is very interesting in play, and
> reproduces some of the problems the characters had in the TV series quite
> nicely.
> It seems to have hit a chord with one of my players, who is also our D&D
> 5E referee, because he has now introduced a stress mechanism into his game.
> I will wait and see how well it works in a fantasy setting. It should
> integrate quite well because his game world is more WHFRP than Forgotten
> Realms, so not really a test of how well it meshes with a really gonzo or
> high fantasy game.
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>> Thanks everyone. What you all said is what I thought was the case but I
>> wanted to make sure just in case there was a strange component of
>> Gloranthan-lore that I was hitherto unaware of.
>> In an attempt to elaborate on the subject, has anyone experimented with
>> some of the Call of Cthulhu mechanics in RuneQuest? I am thinking in
>> particular the use of the SANity statistic.
>> I can imagine that fantasy characters would be resistant to odd beings as
>> part of their life (the first time a human Gloranthan child encounters an
>> Elf in the woods would be a but scary) and certainly they would have a
>> stronger reaction if encountering a Chaos monstrosity. Fantasy Earth
>> characters would probably be more prone to being spooked.
>> To give a genuine fantasy feel I believe that it would be best not to
>> simply transport CoC rules as writ to RQ. Perhaps instead that certain
>> creatures were able to cause a POW vs POW attack when perceived that could
>> cause (temporary, lasting, permanent) madness?
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