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We have, some being are so alien as to always cause a shock, a weak befuddling, or revulsion,  others become familiar. Like you pointed out RQ elves are different from the general sort, which are have their own issues on how they are portrayed.  Are they the evolved plants, the great shining ones, or the diminished ones from later renaissance? For years we have been running a modern fantasy game based on third ed RQ, Kinda of a deLint-Lackey-Froud-Nighlife sort of world.Until a human is awakened, the weird can cause anything from  hesitation,  to a fugue sort of state, to actual full madness.Also, husband saw a set of CoC monsters stats for RQ,  but now he can't find them

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  On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 9:52 PM, Lev Lafayette<lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:   Thanks everyone. What you all said is what I thought was the case but I
wanted to make sure just in case there was a strange component of
Gloranthan-lore that I was hitherto unaware of.

In an attempt to elaborate on the subject, has anyone experimented with
some of the Call of Cthulhu mechanics in RuneQuest? I am thinking in
particular the use of the SANity statistic.

I can imagine that fantasy characters would be resistant to odd beings as
part of their life (the first time a human Gloranthan child encounters an
Elf in the woods would be a but scary) and certainly they would have a
stronger reaction if encountering a Chaos monstrosity. Fantasy Earth
characters would probably be more prone to being spooked.

To give a genuine fantasy feel I believe that it would be best not to
simply transport CoC rules as writ to RQ. Perhaps instead that certain
creatures were able to cause a POW vs POW attack when perceived that could
cause (temporary, lasting, permanent) madness?

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