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I'd have to say it's pretty unlikely.
First, we HAVE the principals (Stafford, Perrin, et alia) and they've never
been hesitant to talk about their inspirations.  I've never seen any
suggestion that Lovecrafts work was involved.  In particular, I think it's
worth noting that Glorantha is particularly free of the 'great old ones
sleeping that we don't want to disturb' trope that has become so widespread.

Further, the Cthulhu materials didn't really clearly become public domain
until well after the copyright law revisions of the 1970s - while you could
certainly find HP Lovecraft stuff before that, it wasn't the royalty-free
explosion it has been since around the 1990s.

No, I suspect you're talking to someone that perhaps believes CoC actually
came before RQ, and thus has the cause/effect arrow pointed backwards.

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I've been having a conversation with one Kris Doernbach on Facebook who
has told me that "Technically RuneQuest is based upon H.P. Lovecraft's
dreamlands from his Dream Cycle stories and novellas".

It seems to me that they may be mistaken, and are referring to Call of
Cthulhu's Dreamlands, however they assure me: "[T]hey had to expand upon
the RPG to sell more stuff, it is simple as that. Even the publisher and
original designers admit it was based on Lovecraft."

It's a fascinating proposition, however I am unaware of this from any of
the prefaces or introductions from the various editions, or from any of
the interviews that this was the case.

Nevertheless, I am prepared to entertain the idea... Has anyone heard of
such a thing, because it's news to me.

All this said, Call of Cthulhu meets RuneQuest is a good gory fun.

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