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Yeah, I am also a big fan of making up the background as you go... (Ironically, 
Herowars/Heroquest taught me that!). 

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>On Wed, June 15, 2016 6:53 pm, takenegi at libero.it wrote:
>> In my RuneQuest (II or III) campaign, I usually adopt a "pre-game"
>> approach to char gen. That is, player roll stats, culture and parents'
>> occupation, then he is allowed (with minimal die rolls) to change
>> occupation and to get some perks.
>That's a very good way to do it. Start off with a minimum level of
>necessary background and give the opportunity to roleplay a mini-scenario
>if an exposition is desired. It also provides the opportunity to introduce
>the game mechanics. If I recall correctly I think it was Apple Lane that
>gave this sort of initial introduction.
>As Karl has said, following on from that the opportunity exists for
>characters to build up their family background etc as the character
>develops (or even the GMs intervention; "Your younger cousin has been
>kidnapped by trolls... again!", "Oh, I have cousin? Cool. Let me give them
>an name .." & etc)
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