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On Wed, June 15, 2016 6:53 pm, takenegi at libero.it wrote:
> In my RuneQuest (II or III) campaign, I usually adopt a "pre-game"
> approach to char gen. That is, player roll stats, culture and parents'
> occupation, then he is allowed (with minimal die rolls) to change
> occupation and to get some perks.

That's a very good way to do it. Start off with a minimum level of
necessary background and give the opportunity to roleplay a mini-scenario
if an exposition is desired. It also provides the opportunity to introduce
the game mechanics. If I recall correctly I think it was Apple Lane that
gave this sort of initial introduction.

As Karl has said, following on from that the opportunity exists for
characters to build up their family background etc as the character
develops (or even the GMs intervention; "Your younger cousin has been
kidnapped by trolls... again!", "Oh, I have cousin? Cool. Let me give them
an name .." & etc)

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