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Lev has a point about gameplay.  When a character takes five minutes to create it is less traumatic thinking you need to generate another.

When it takes an hour and the investment of substantial creativity then that random slingshot to the head is quite a blow.

Runequest combat is deadly, you can expect maimings and deaths.  Unlike Heroquest there is no overarching narrative mechanic to help make PCs special.

A move to greater investment of time in character creation needs to be accompanied by a mechanic that protects and nurtures that creativity.

It is not enough to say particular archetypes should not get involved in combat unless you actually want to restrict the breadth of viable player characters.

I have to say that I am intrigued by the direction the game is taking but it needs to deliver SO much.  For us old'uns there is a need to capture the feel of RQ2, to really evoke that gameplay.  It also needs to reflect 40 years of game design evolution to appeal to a gaming community that has come to expect more.

How to be retro AND revolutionary AT THE SAME TIME, needs a work of nigh genius.  

I am waiting and watching for just that...

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Our friends at Chaosium just released another post on the next edition of


Personally, I have a negative reaction to the proposal on the grounds that
it slows down chargen significantly (especially for a game where the first
couple of rubble rats you encounter can turn you to mince) and it takes
the player's creative input out of their hands into random dice rolls.

When generating a character if you know the culture, parent's occupation,
and cult, that's enough for a starting character. If they survive a couple
of sessions then start filling in some of the blanks, and build from

The chargen rules for family backgrounds in Pendragon (for example) or
worse still, the generations in Nephilim, are not a good model to look
towards, and nor is the Lifepath for Cyberpunk.

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