[Runequest] Designing the New RuneQuest - Part 4 - Rune Magic

Kantor Rythmeiger kantor_rythmeiger at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 29 21:44:55 EST 2016

None of it is new.That isn't the point.The point is, does it make the game playable, fun and make you feel like you are in Glorantha?I have felt the runic alignment thing has been obvious for years, and the rune point thing has been fixed/fixable for decades.Thing is, they are writing a ruleset that does it.Let's hope they kill Defense and 5% skill increments. I guess they won't rationalise the skill list, but hey ho.

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  On Sun, 28 Feb, 2016 at 11:57, Phil Hibbs<snarks at gmail.com> wrote:   I don't see the connection. Your link is about Divine Intervention, not rune magic.

Don't you just hate self-referential sigs?
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