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Lotsa love here...

We used first aid up to but not including severed limbs, considering it more like stopping the bleeding or setting a bone.

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No love for RQ3? :)

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Ciao all,

sometimes reading again the rulebook you realize things aren't quite the way you thought for 20+ years... Namely, how does First Aid actually work with respect to maimed limbs and negative hit points?

More specifically, the First Aid paragraph in the Healing section of the Player's Book says that "First Aid will not restore hit points to any character suffering negative hit points." Does this mean total negative hit points only or negative hit points in a location as well?

It also says that "First Aid cannot replace a severed or maimed limb." This means that First Aid cannot be used at all on a limb that has received at least damage equals to its hit points (not even to stop blood loss)? It makes sense that it cannot be used to reattach the limb, but a maimed limb does not have to be replaced, right? (In fact the provision to heal the limb within 10 melee rounds or it's gone seems to only apply if the limb has been severed.)

I can understand how First Aid should not work on a big injury that put the location out of order, but a location could be negative also if it received many 1 HP wounds which should be treatable with First Aid.

(Yeah I know, I am asking you to dig out the RQ3 books... Sorry! ;) )

Thanks in advance,

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