[Runequest] Administrivia

Steve Perrin steve at limitedchaos.com
Wed Apr 13 20:43:37 EST 2016

For some reason I am receiving two of every mailing. I didn't check to 
see if they are coming to different email addresses. For future efforts, 
the gmail.com address should be used.


Steve Perrin

On 4/12/2016 11:14 PM, Lev Lafayette wrote:
> On Wed, April 13, 2016 4:37 pm, Karl David Brown wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure Lev has simply transformed from 'dictator' to steward.
>> His duties and stewardship will likely continue as before (continued
>> thanks) but the monetary costs will be met from membership fees from the
>> co-operative (hint).
> Well, in part. The Cooperative is the owner of the domain (about $20 per
> annum). I still pay for hosting (which is a lot more).

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