[Runequest] First SR must count!

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Found this in the news. Shows that even though you may get the first
strike rank (crocodile) if you have a bad roll and don't make it count
you may be in trouble. 

New Delhi - A housewife in eastern India fought off a crocodile attack
using cooking utensils, officials said on Saturday. 

Sabitri Samal, aged 37, was washing dishes in a creek near her home in
Orissa state's Kendrapara district on Thursday when the giant reptile
lunged at her. 

"The crocodile caught hold of her right leg but she staved off the
ferocious attack," senior forest official PK Pattnaik said by phone from

"She claimed that she hit the reptile on its forehead and eyes with an
aluminium bowl and a wooden spoon and it released her after a struggle,"
he added. 

Samal's cries for help alerted people nearby who rushed to the scene and
took her to hospital. 

There have been a spate of crocodile attacks in the villages situated
around Bhitarkanika park, officials said. 

Two villagers have lost their lives in such attacks in recent months. 
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