[Runequest] Slings

Marko Perälä perala at student.uef.fi
Sun Sep 21 05:08:17 EST 2014

I have a few suggestions about slings, after watching a few insightful videos on Youtube.
Here is a Lindybeige video about using shields with slings:

So shields can be used while slinging, at least against ranged weapons. It probably wouldn't work in melee, though. I suggest that in RQ it should be possible to block missiles with shield even while using slings to shoot back.

Lindybeige video about Sling bullets:

It seems to me that lead sling bullets are more dangerous than mere sling stones, as they are more dense and the damage they cause is concentrated on a smaller impact area.
I suggest lead sling bullets have more range; 1,5*range might be suitable.
There is a special rule in Elder Secrets, which states that blunt weapons made of enchanted lead cause +2 damage.
Maybe this should be extended to unenchanted lead sling stones, despite sling being an impaling weapon. The damage of sling bullet is the result of the bullet's weight, not its hardness, so enchantment should not be factor in it.

Would these suggestions work? Any comments?

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