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Correction Steve - You are not the only one using it. I still do and I 
like it. I still think you are one of the best game-writers out there.
On 9/12/2014 3:57 PM, Steve Perrin wrote:
> Response to Stephen Posey below
> On 9/12/2014 6:37 AM, Stephen Posey wrote:
>> Steve:
>>  That closely parallels the system I've been leaning towards.
>>  I'd be interested to hear how you decide how many to hand out. Do 
>> you hand the same amount to everyone? Do individual players sometimes 
>> get points in special situations (e.g. particularly good roleplaying, 
>> coming up with a particularly clever solution to a problem, amusing 
>> the GM)?
> Number of experience points is actually between 1 and 10 points. I do 
> not have an absolute scale of how many points one gets for each 
> activity. Since I am the only one using the system at the moment (and 
> I haven't run a game in a couple of years) I just pretty much wing it.
> I also find systems that reward individual players for activities so 
> that everyone gets different amounts too fiddly to be fun. Everyone 
> present gets the same experience points. The shrinking violets get 
> rewarded for being a good audience. So _everyone_ gets rewarded if 
> someone comes up with a good idea.
>>  Also, do you make any stipulation on what skills can be improved 
>> (i.e. can only be applied to skills actually used during the game)?
> Yes. In fact, the current official rules state that the XP must be 
> used at the first possible time after the XP are handed out on Skills 
> that received checks. XP not spent immediately must be stored for 
> purchasing benefits later on.
>> Is all this in SPQR?
> Not everything. The concept of retaining checks until a later arrival 
> of XP just came to me during the discussion. And some of the above  is 
> found in later additions to the SPQR rules that everyone who has the 
> rules has also had access to.
>> Stephen Posey
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